What to do Today if You Worked out Hard Yesterday ...

If you worked out super hard yesterday you are probably thinking today would be a good day to take off but this is not always the case. It really depends on what you did for your workout and also how your body responds to recovery since everyone is different. To figure out what works and what does not, try all of these solutions and choose to do what works best for you. Rest, stretch, ice, elevate, massage or even focus on a different muscle group to alleviate soreness and expedite muscle recovery. The quicker you recover the sooner you will be back exercising strong and happily!

1. Rest

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If you are so uncomfortable because you worked out just so hard yesterday you may want to plan the day after as your rest day. Take a day off from your fitness routine and give your body a much needed break! Sometimes a rest day is just what your body needs!

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