7 Ways to Teach Yourself Yoga without Any Experience ...


If you’ve considered learning yoga, but are a little hesitant, I’d like you to consider some ways to teach yourself yoga. You don’t have to have a professional trainer, though that would be ideal. You can find many ways to teach yourself yoga in the meantime. I may be no pro at yoga, to say the least, but I did teach myself and am not too bad! Give yourself the mind and body benefits of doing yoga, and do it with, or without a teacher. Either way, you’ll reap huge benefits, no matter what you choose.

1. Get a DVD

The absolute first tip I would give you in learning ways to teach yourself yoga is to get a DVD, and get a good one! You can’t just wake up and “do yoga” one day. It helps to actively learn from a teacher on a DVD. This might not seem like you’re teaching yourself, but you actually are in a way. Sure, the instructor is leading you, but before you know it, you’ll learn what styles work with you and your body, your time, and what kinds of teachers you like. For instance, my personal favorite DVD is by instructor Kathryn Budhig. She is amazing and I just love her style, and presence on the mat. You can find her DVD Aim True Yoga, online through Amazon.com, or wherever yoga DVDs are sold. If you don’t like this DVD, feel free to find one that suits you better. It’s always best to start out with a beginner style and work to advanced later on. Aim True Yoga contains both types, which is perfect to help you progress.

Cost: $10

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Have Patience
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