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We have all seen the look of focus on an Olympian and wondered the ways to perform well under pressure. In front of many people and most important to success is focus. After endless hours of training and nutrition focus it all comes down to one day, the competition day that is. So do you have what it takes or do you find that you fold when put under pressure? Read on for the ways to perform well under pressure so you can achieve great success:

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Envision a Win

Believe and you will achieve great success. If you envision a win, you will have greater success. It is 70% mental and 30% talent and training. So whether you are running a race, doing a fitness competition, cycling or any other competitive event, envision the win and you will have greater success!


Think of the Finish

What has gotten me through twenty one marathons (a marathon is 26.2 miles) is envisioning the finish. I have gotten sick, fatigued and felt muscle aches in the midst of a marathon and just envisioning the accomplishment of finishing gives me the rush of adrenaline to go on, along with gaining strength to push through.


Get in a Positive Mind Frame

If you get in a positive mind frame you will have more fitness and life success. So get in the mode to succeed. How do you think Olympians push under pressure? It is all about being positive and keeping your head up. Start looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty and get in a positive mindset. This sets the tone for all aspects of your life.


Be Fully Prepared

If you are fully prepared for your competition, you've already won half the battle. Your preparation will be the outcome of your competition. If you put in all the training, you can stress less and enjoy the competition more.


Eat Clean

Stop living in the moment and eating out of temptation and live in the healthy forever. If you eat clean you will find yourself more successful in your competitions and you will be in a more positive mood. Stop sabotaging yourself and start eating clean. Eat healthy like an Olympian. Clean out the pantry and fill your fridge with fruit and vegetables. And make each day even better than the last!


Have Fun

So you signed up for a marathon, the Iron Man, or a fitness competition and you are so stressed training. You just may have forgotten one major component; why you registered for this event? Olympians compete primarily out of passion. So stop the stress and have some fun; after all that is why you do these things right? So have fun and live in the moments of your training. And don’t fold under pressure come competition day because this is fun!


Have No Regrets

If you work your hardest and put everything out on the line, you will have no regrets. So on the day of your competition you should take this approach because you cannot relive this very event. What do you think the Olympians do? Give it all that you have in you and utilize all your hard training because you worked hard for this very day! And complete this event with no regret.

To perform like an Olympian you must stay strong, be confident and train like an animal.. And on competition day, realize you earned this platform so give it all you got. What are you training for? Good luck and have a great competition! And no matter what you are a winner for completing this!

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