5 Ways to Improve Your Diet to Make Your Workouts More Effective ...


5 Ways to Improve Your Diet to Make Your Workouts More Effective ...
5 Ways to Improve Your Diet to Make Your Workouts More Effective ...

You're not the only girl looking for ways to improve your diet to make your workouts more effective. Do ever get the feeling that you could be getting much more out of your workouts? Have you been experiencing great progress and results, but lately seem to have reached a plateau in your exercise and health regime? Have you considered that you could make some small changes to your diet to make your workouts more effective? If you think that you could do with switching it up a little bit, then take a look at these five ways to improve your diet and make your workouts more effective.

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Ditch the Sports Drinks

One of the best ways to improve your diet and make your workouts more effective is to pay attention to what you're drinking. Sports drinks are designed to give immediate hydration when you have been through a really taxing workout. If you have worked out at a more gentle pace for less than an hour, you don’t need that much re-hydration and a sports drink is probably putting more calories into your body than you burned.


Fuel and Refuel Properly, before and after Your Workout

The foods you eat before and after exercise are important for how effective the workout will be. Beforehand, eat carbs and some protein to give you the strength and energy to exercise, and afterwards, you need to refuel your body with around 20g of protein and some good carbs to replenish your glycogen levels. In other words, don’t gorge just because you just did a punishing workout.


Eat Right Throughout the Week and Not Just for Working out

Plan what you eat and you will not only better fuel your body for working out, but your diet will improve overall. Don’t starve yourself when you are also undertaking a heavy exercise regime. Your body needs a base amount of calories to function properly, so make sure you meet your personal target.


Start Your Day off with Cardio

When you wake up, the first thing you do is head to the kitchen for breakfast, right? Well, it’s time to change that routine! If you want to lose excess weight and body fat, you should try to work out straight after waking up in the morning. You have digested all of yesterday’s food overnight and your glycemic levels will be low. Doing moderate cardio on an empty stomach will help your body target the stubborn areas of fat that are usually not focused on when the rest of your body is full on that day’s food intake. Something like 15 minutes on the treadmill is perfect for this.


Muscle Food

Cardio on an empty stomach might be a good idea, but this definitely isn’t the case when you are weight training. When you are testing your strength, it’s essential to be filled up on carbohydrates that will enable your body to sustain its efforts. If you aren’t, your energy will run out quickly and the workout session will be rendered ineffective. Things like bananas and peanut butter sandwiches on multigrain bread are perfect for a pre-weight session snack. All of this, of course, should be chased down with a healthy helping of water.

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