7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise when You Are a Busy College Student ...


With morning classes, evening classes and a double major, you may be searching for ways to find time to exercise. And if you add a commute along with a job into this already busy college load, your fitness may be lagging at the bottom of your priority list. But if you find time for your fitness, you may be surprised to find you will have more energy and achieve more. You will also get sick less because exercise boosts your immunity. So how do you find the time in your already jam packed schedule? Let me share with you the ways to find time to exercise:

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Study While You Workout

Record your lectures and download to your iPod so when you head to the gym or on a run, you can study while you work out. Listen to your lectures again after class while you exercise, as more oxygen is delivered to your brain you can think clearer and remember more. This is one of the best multitasking ways to find time to exercise.


Speed Walk to Your Classes

Gone are the days of dawdling as you walk to class. Walk to class speedily with power and purpose and you will get to class quicker and you burn more calories. Make the most out of every possible fitness moment. Life is what you make of it, right? So make it your mission to speed walk to all your classes.


Join a Sports Club

Are you envying the cross country scholarship runners at your school as the hit the fields early every day and run. It is no wonder they look so thin and in shape, right? Well stop envying them and get involved in a track club or local running club so you can get a great workout while socializing. You will meet new friends while slimming down so it is a win, win!


Rise Earlier

First class is not until 10am so you can sleep in each day, how relaxing! But why not get up earlier so you can get your workout in for the day. If your college schedule is busy for the remainder of the day, you may not be able to get exercise in unless you rise early. So open the blinds to see the daylight, get up and get moving!


Time Management

With a full time job and a full load of classes, you are feeling in a frenzy. You can’t seem to find a free moment during the day. So manage your time by writing out a schedule and find time for your fitness. You can review lectures while you run or bike to the library for study hall. Make every moment count, and when you can, make it a fitness moment (or hour)!


Bike It out

With all your classes spread out on campus, you are finding you just make it to each class or some days you are even a bit late. Stop stressing and be resourceful by biking to class. If you bike to class you can get your workout in and get to class in time! Makes total sense, right? Then just do it!


Make Fit Friends

Feeling lost in your new school? Then why not put an ad up on campus and start a fitness group. I guarantee there are many people just like you that would love to meet new friends while getting fit. Team up and work together to become fit, strong and in shape!

With so many tips to help you find time to exercise, there is no way for an excuse, right? Just remember you can do anything you put your mind, energy and a little bit of sweat into!

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