7 Ways to End the Year on the Right Foot ...


7 Ways to End the Year on the Right Foot ...
7 Ways to End the Year on the Right Foot ...

As this year comes to a close, I wanted to share some of the best ways to end the year feeling spectacular with a smile on your face. If you end the year on a high note feeling great, you might ignite motivation for the New Year! And since time does seem to fly, it is great to stop and reflect on all the memories of the past year and look forward to even better days to come. So get your pen, paper, phone and a positive attitude so you can start following the ways to end the year on the right foot:

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Make a List of Your Accomplishments

Accentuate the positive and list all that you have accomplished this year. There is no accomplishment too big or small to list so write them all down and reflect on the year. Before you begin to write new goals, smile and be proud of how far you have come. This is one of the best ways to end the year.


Tell Your Friends They Are Amazing

Take time compliment your friends and let them know what their strengths are. If we spent just a few minutes a day highlighting the positives of people, there would be a lot more love in this world. You can make a change in your social network and share the love!


Be Positive

Be positive and stop sweating the small stuff. I see a great deal in life and encounter the same obstacles we all do, but how I approach adversity is different than most. I take a deep breath, go for a run and reflect on the best way to approach this. I always make a level headed decision and stay positive when following this approach. Try it, I promise it works!


Donate to a Charity

Swap your end of the year holiday list and donate to a local charity. Even a small amount can make a big difference in changing lives. And if you do not have the money, donate your time to working at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. You can make a change, end the year on a high note and start the New Year the right way!


Clean out Your Closets

De-clutter your closets and donate to a local cause. You can bring your clothes down to the Salvation army to help others and pay it forward. You will feel so good just doing this and help others less fortunate. End the year with a bang of love and selflessness and start cleaning out your closet today!


Get Rid of Anger

We can all think of people that anger us and who just do not get the meaning of life. Do not give in to the way they are and get rid of anger. Lead by example and do what is right. If you harbor anger or guilt, it will tear you up inside so move forward, live and love your life away. This is the best way to start a new day!


Start a New Fitness Challenge

Whether you want to lose weight, tone or just feel better, start a new fitness challenge and get in shape. There is no time like the present to make a change so start with a fitness goal. It can be as simple as a goal to run a 5k, lose 10 pounds or just have more energy. Write a plan and get going, you will be a step ahead of anyone in the midst of writing the New Year’s health goals and you will end the year the right way. And you will also pave the way for an even healthier New Year!

So tell me, what your greatest accomplishment the past year? Mine was writing articles to inspire you and training more clients to reach their weight loss goals. And what are your goal for the New Year! Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

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I've done all of these except for #5 and #6 still working on both

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