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7 Ways to Ease Sore Muscles That Work like a Charm ...

By Rosalina

There are some simple ways to ease sore muscles that work like a charm, which you can try before you have to resort to over the counter treatments or a costly massage. Any athlete or serial exerciser will suffer from sore muscles at some stage. Even rigorous housework can take its toll on those muscles. Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS as people like to call it, refers to tiny little muscle injuries that you will feel after you have stepped up your exercise routine or worked muscles you don't usually work. According to personal trainer Ethel Frese, this pain will peak after 48 hours and then start to get better. So here are some simple ways to ease sore muscles.

1 Ice Ice Baby

One of the ways to ease sore muscles is to cool the area. Cooling the area can really ease the pain and the swelling. Apply an ice pack to the affected area for around 20 minutes and repeat every hour until the pain subsides. I often wonder why it's always a bag of frozen peas that people use when they have suffered an injury. Maybe that's why we buy frozen peas...

2 The Heat

If you're suffering from continuous chronic pain then heat can sometimes work better than ice. Try a heating pad or alternatively, run a warm bath or shower if you're not treating a severe injury.

3 And Stretch

Loosening up damaged muscles can really help too. Be sure to stretch gently and as much as you can, without straining yourself too much in the process. And remember, if you are trying out an exercise that you're not quite sure about for the first time, try to get someone trained to show you exactly how to do it so you don't injure yourself.

4 Walking

It's essential to get that circulation going in the body and walking can do wonders. Walk for around half an hour at least once a day to increase the circulation throughout your body and this will help deliver that essential oxygen to those sore and tight muscles.

5 Water

Water is so important in your daily diet and your body needs hydrating, so be sure to drink daily. I drink around one and a half to two litres a day, depending on the amount of exercise I'm doing. Aim for a minimum of eight glasses a day.

6 Relax

If you have sore muscles after overexerting yourself then one of the best things to do is to relax and let your muscles heal. The body is amazing and has an incredible capacity to heal itself in the right conditions. Give yourself a little time to heal rather than jumping straight back into exercise as soon as you possibly can.

7 Warm up

I know it sounds obvious, but it's amazing the amount of people I used to see at the gym jumping straight into their exercise routines without warming up properly. Be sure to warm up and get those joints moving before your start exercising, as you're less likely to suffer an injury and then be out of action.

These are a few ways to ease those sore muscles that have helped me in the past. There are of course anti-inflammatory and steroidal medications that can help with the pain, and if your aches and pains haven't subsided after a few days then it may be time to seek medical attention. What are your hints and tips for easing sore muscles?


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