7 Ways to Create an Inexpensive Home Gym ...


Perhaps you gave up your gym membership or are starting a fitness routine and want to implement an inexpensive home gym. I’ve got some great tips for you! It is possible to bring the workouts home and save money too. The great thing is you don’t need a lot of space. This last year, I actually couldn’t afford a gym, nor did I have transportation to get to a local one. I wasn’t about to give up my daily fitness routines, nor was I willing to spend tons of money I didn’t have installing the perfect home gym. In a tiny bedroom, with a total of 10’x10’ space for the whole room, I created a home gym that has allowed me to not only stay fit, but actually gain more lean muscle than when I used to hit the gym each day. Here are my tips and what you can do to get your own inexpensive home gym!

1. Spread Some Space

One of the easiest and most inexpensive home gym tips I have is to make some space for your fitness area. I rearranged my entire room last year to serve my fitness needs. Though I loved my bed coming out in a diagonal view from my wall for a more aesthetic appeal, I had to move it against the wall to give me some carpet space to work out. I positioned my desk so that my computer would face the space so I could pop in fitness DVDs or watch online fitness videos, convenient to my space. The tiny workout space was only about 4’ x 6 ‘ in total, but it was just big enough for me to be able to do most everything I needed, even if I had to turn a few different ways to do so! Spread out your room, consider getting rid of some furniture and get yourself at least a 6’x8’ space to work out. This allows you to do floor exercises and cardio activities in place, along with yoga or HIIT exercises.

A Used Treadmill
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