7 Ways to Control Anger on the Tennis Court ...

If you play for leisure or more professionally, you understand how hard it is at times to find the proper ways to control anger on the tennis court. When you play competitive tennis, nervousness and disappointment can really get in the way of the game. Your mental state plays a big role on the way you play the game, which is why many professional players aim to keep their composure at all times and fine-tune their mental approach. Let’s take a look at different ways to control anger on the tennis court so your game doesn’t suffer.

1. Shift Focus to Your Form

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One of the ways to control anger on the tennis court is to channel energy onto your form and technique. When you are overwhelmed with anger, it is easy to make mistakes. Instead of making tennis secondary, clear your mindset and focus on your form. Make adjustments with each hit and see what is working for you. Playing poorly is frustrating and there is no antidote for that, but the more focused you are on the right things, the better you play and the less angry you are.

2. Stay Positive

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Instead of breeding more anger after each mistake, stay positive and keep up your mental game. Any competitive sport requires a strong mental approach, so the more calm and optimistic you are, the stronger are the chances that you will succeed. It is all about positive thinking; so instead of making disparaging comments and fostering negative results, keep your spirits up!

3. Stretch and Breathe

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Tennis games can get a little heated so it is always recommended to take your time between the games to stretch and breathe. The more time you take to let your anger subside, the easier it will be for you to focus on your next hit. Don’t be afraid to take a little time for a water break because it can only improve your game.

4. Keep Your Cool

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Tennis is a game that is mostly played between the ears so emotional control is the key. Being able to control emotions is a skill that not many players acquire and those that do get a serious advantage. So try to regain your composure as hard as it may be and get back into the game with your mind set on the game.

5. Analyze Your Errors

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Anger usually originates from bad strokes or bad line calls, but instead of cursing at the racquet or making negative comments, analyze your errors. Each game is a learning experience so the more you work on sharpening up your skills, the better you will become. Take each game as an opportunity to practice your shortcomings!

6. Enjoy the Game

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Win or lose, tennis is just a game driven by healthy competition. No matter how crucial that win is for you, it is important to enjoy the game! Next time you feel anger overcoming you, tell yourself that this is a game and a sport that you enjoy, so you might as well make the best of it.

7. Practice Playing under Pressure

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In order to control you anger on the courts, you have to repeatedly practice playing under pressure. The more you practice, the easier it is for you to deal with difficult opponents and high-pressure situations. Dedication and hard work breeds success, so the more you play, the easier it will get to have a firm control over your emotions.

The ability to keep your composure at all time gives you an edge over your opponent and in tennis, the slightest advantage can help you take home that win. What are some of your tips on how to keep anger off tennis courts?

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