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We have all heard about the weight gain that most college students put on, so you may be wondering how to combat the freshman fifteen. Going to college, growing up and making positive changes are all on your list of things to accomplish, so you definitely do not want to gain weight. So let me share my tips! As a certified trainer, fitness enthusiast and lover of life, I am here to help you combat the freshman fifteen so that you can make the most out of your college years.

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Record your lectures and put them on your MP3 player so that you can listen to your lectures while you run, cycle or lift weights. This is a great way to combat the freshman fifteen and be a better student. I have had many great workouts while listening to a microbiology lecture. Who knew you could learn more while you lose weight! This is one of the best ways to combat the freshman fifteen.


Forget the Bus

If your classes are on the other side of campus and you are accustomed to taking the campus bus, why not get out for a run across campus to your classes? Listen to your lectures en route or take in the peace while you review the notes in your head for the upcoming test.


Review and Run

Review all your notes for this evening’s test and get out for a run. Running helps bring clarity and will also improve your memory functionality. And sometimes after you have been studying for hours, the best thing you can do is step away.


Skip the Sweets

All the gummy, sugary snacks you are eating will not only cause weight gain but also alter your energy levels. If you want to feel better, have more energy and improve your test scores, skip the sweets and study hard. And when you have a craving for something sweet, avoid refined sugar and choose natural sugars in a piece of fruit.


Don’t Forget the Most Important Meal

The most important meal of the day is and always will be breakfast. Breakfast starts your day the right way, gets your metabolism going and sets the stage for the rest of your food choices. Make sure you choose lean protein like eggs and get to your classes feeling lots of energy! And healthy choices will rev your metabolic rate so you can become a fat burning machine.


Study Hall Dates

Okay, maybe it is not the most romantic of dates but you study, right? After all, that is why you are at school: to learn. So why not multitask and meet your date for a walk over to the library to study? You can finish and head to the café for some tea or coffee. If your date is into you, you will enjoy the time spent together, no matter what you do.


Study Partner Run

Do you have a friend in one of your classes that likes to exercise? Then meet for a study partner run. Meet for a run and you can review while getting your workout in. I know it may sound silly but this actually works. You can go over the notes right in your memory while you push each other in your running pace. I have had many great workouts this very way. Why can’t studying and sweating go hand in hand?

Hope you have enjoyed these tips in how you can combat the freshman fifteen. And I hope you stay fit, healthy and get great grades. Enjoy college life because time flies by. I still cannot believe I am writing this now and it has been over a decade since college and I have three young children. Enjoy every moment. Tell me, what year of college are you in and are you combating the freshman fifteen? I sure hope so.

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I love things you list! But the first is actually illegal. I started recording a lecture and my professor told me I could and that she could press charges on me! Crazy I know I just don't want anyone to get in trouble over something so silly

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