7 Ways to Be Your Own Personal Trainer ...


I’ve been reading up on ways to be your own personal trainer recently, and boy do they work. Yes, it sounds weird – after all, if you could do it yourself, why would people cough up to have someone boss them around at the gym? If you really put your mind to it, there are a few great ways to be your own personal trainer, get results and keep some spare cash in your purse. Win.

1. Be Ready

One of the top ways to be your own personal trainer is to come to the gym ready to work. A personal trainer knows that they need to be fully focused at work. Their mind has to be completely on their client, and helping their client to achieve their fitness goals. Keep yourself present during your entire workout, too. Don’t mentally check out, or make excuses for yourself. Stay connected and committed, and you’ll see fantastic results without splashing the cash.

Get Psyched
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