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Did you know regular exercise can help you to eat healthier and aid you in meeting your goals? Recent studies have shown that exercise can actually curb your appetite and help you to make wiser food choices. Contrary to popular belief that exercise does the opposite, exercise will also make you look at your food choices and choose with discretion, knowing the hard work you put in. This refers to any fitness workout, but specific exercise programs can help you eat healthier as well. So where do you get started? Here are the ways fitness can help you to eat healthier:

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Curb Your Appetite

Researchers at the University of Western Australia found that intense exercise or intervals suppress your appetite, causing a delay in hunger. Once hunger strikes, people made healthier choices as a result of their exercise. Studies have shown that people that exercise at a greater intensity eat fewer calories when they do choose to eat. So push yourself to a higher intensity so you will eat healthier and make wiser food choices!


New Outlook on Food

Simply knowing that you exercised for an hour at high intensity and burned 700 calories will make you look at the 900 calorie hamburger differently. This will help you in making the better choice in choosing a 550 calorie turkey burger. You would not want to consume the calories of your whole workout with one meal, right?


Better Your Performance

As you eat healthier, you may notice you can exercise longer and feel even stronger. You may also notice you have more energy. Eating healthier can better your performance.


Have More Energy with Healthy Fuel

It is amazing how much the right food choices can boost your energy levels. By having food high in vitamins and minerals, you may find it to be a non-medical remedy for a boost of energy. If you want a surge of energy, make sure you start the day with lean protein and drink lots of water. The results are incredible and make it worth it to have the egg whites over the doughnut for breakfast!


Recover Quicker

If you eat protein and antioxidant rich food after your workouts you will notice that you recover quicker. Simple egg whites and blueberries can help you to recover more efficiently. Exercising will help you to eat healthier because you will look at your meal choices as a science that can affect you the next day.


Lose Weight

As you exercise each day and burn mega calories, you may notice your weight slowly creeping off. Could you be eating the wrong foods? Absolutely, just because you are exercising does not mean you can eat whatever you choose. Make healthier food choices so you can lose weight and feel great!


All or Nothing

Most people that have goals of bettering their fitness and health have an all or nothing approach. So they are either exercising and eating healthy or they are baking cookies and relaxing on the couch. It is the all or nothing approach that causes them to see results, but those results can be positive or negative.

Hope you find yourself eating healthier, exercising strong and feeling your best. I find nothing feels better than eating a salad after my workouts. What do you eat after you work out? Do you find you make better food choices as a result of your regular routine of exercise?

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2&6 applied :)

I'm trying to slim my legs down, I've been playing badminton every Monday and Wednesday, I run every Tuesday and go to the gym on Thursdays. But still nothing?? Do you know any workouts or just anything that can slim my legs down??

I worked my butt off and lost enough calories for one serving of bacon. Def changed my outlook on food

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