Water Sports That Blast Mega Calories for Your Summer Fitness ...

Water sports are super fun, but did you know that you can also torch a ton of calories while you’re enjoying yourself. In my book, it doesn’t get much better than that! If you happen to be tracking your calories burned, I’ll go ahead and share the possibilities for seven of the most popular water sports around. So get ready to feel even better about skipping work and heading to the lake. The calculations are based on a 150-pound woman, so you may burn more or less depending on your own weight. The bottom line here is that you can still burn a lot of calories!

1. Boating

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Ok, you’re not going to burn many calories lounging on a yacht drinking cocktails, but if you rent one of those super cool paddleboats you can burn nearly 300 calories in just one hour. Many lakes have paddleboats available and you simply pedal them to move them around on the water. It’s not vigorous work and is actually sort of relaxing once you get the rhythm going, but it’s one of the most enjoyable water sports around. It’s fun for kids, but gives parents a workout at the same time.

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