Walk Your Way to Health and Happiness for 30 Minutes 5 Times a Week ...

By Neecey

Walk Your Way to Health and Happiness for 30 Minutes 5 Times a Week ...

Did you know that a 5-minute walk helps reverse the harm of 3 hours of sitting? That alone is enough reason to get off your butt and get outdoors. Walking for just half hour, five times a week will do you no end of good from top to toe. And here are the reasons why:

1 It Boosts Endorphins

2 Reduces Risk of Glaucoma

3 Helps You Fight off Sickness and Illnesses

4 Reduces Your Risk of Alzheimer's

5 Walking Improves Heart Health

6 It Works Your Shoulder and Arm Muscle Groups

7 Walking Improves Your Blood Pressure

8 It Strengthens Your Back

9 It Engages Your Ab Muscles

10 It Tightens and Tones Your Glutes

11 It Can Help Reduce Cellulite by Toning the Thighs

12 It Firms up Calf Muscles

13 It Improves Your Blood Pressure

14 Walking Builds Bone Mass Reducing Risk of Osteoporosis

15 It Strengthens Your Legs

16 It Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

17 It Improves Balance and Posture

18 It Burns More Fat than Jogging

19 You Will Breathe Fresh Air

20 It's Great for Any Age

21 It's Absolutely Free

22 You Can do It Anywhere, Any Time

23 You Don't Need Special Equipment

23 Your Furry Friend Can Keep You Company

24 It's the Greenest Form of Exercise

Are you ready to walk your way to health and happiness?

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