10 Exercise πŸ’ͺ🏼 Moves to Give You ☝🏼 a Full Body Workout πŸ‹οΈto See πŸ‘€ Results πŸ‘πŸΌ ...

Summer is here, ladies! I believe that every body is a β€œbikini body”, but it never hurts to show your body some extra love by spending a few hours in the gym each week. To make sure you are exercising effectively, try out these exercises that work your entire body in just one move.

1. Weighted Squats

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Don’t be intimidated by the super buff guy lifting hundreds of pounds before you. Anyone can do weighted squats! Use just the bar as resistance at first, then add on weight as you get more comfortable and stronger over time. I love weighted squats because it’s easy to measure your progress with them, which boosts self-confidence. Plus, it’s great for the booty, quads, abs, obliques, and hamstrings. Squats also have been proven to increase flexibility and speed.

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