7 Tips to Stay Fit if You Work from Home ...

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape because there are tons of ways to stay fit if you work from home that some people don’t consider. Working from home is such a gift, and can be incredibly convenient and economical. However, if you’re not careful, it can be easy to ditch your workouts working from home too. If you’re like me, routine keeps you in check with your workouts, and in check with your work schedule. Look at your workouts as a job, just like you do your assignments, with these simple tips. There are really easy ways to stay fit if you work from home that don’t include you going to the gym or spending hours on the treadmill. Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. Workout First

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I find that one of the best ways to stay fit if you work from home is to get up first thing and exercise first. It would be easy to get started on the day’s work and never get around to working out. Now, if you work from home, you have no excuse not to! Get outside for 30-45 minutes or on a treadmill or elliptical in your house for 30 minutes first thing each day. If you have 15 more minutes, add some hand weight exercises, squats and lunges to keep your muscles toned. Either way, make those 30 minutes first thing in the day priority! Working out first can also make you more active throughout the day since it gets you going, and can even help your focus for work by stimulating the endorphins in the brain that enhance productivity and alertness.

2. Create a STAND-up Desk

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I can’t imagine sitting all day at work like I used to with my old desk jobs. Each morning, I write for one hour at my desk over coffee, but then I move to a standing desk I created in my kitchen out of our buffet-style dining table. Due to the rise of obesity, people have actually posted how to make a stand-up desk, a treadmill desk and other contraptions to get people to stand while they work from home. It can be a great way to teach yourself how to stand more throughout the day. Standing automatically burns 75% more calories than sitting, so make a stand-up desk out of whatever you can think of and aim to stand at least 75% of your workday each day, taking small sitting sessions to eat and for a snack.

3. Try an Afternoon Yoga Session

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Sometimes if I’m feeling rather stiff, or feeling less productive than I want, I’ll take a 30 minute yoga break and come back to work feeling refreshed and more productive. I also don’t feel like a wooden board anymore! Taking small stretching or yoga sessions in your afternoon is a great way to take advantage of the fact that you work at home and can stay fit anytime you wish. Obviously, you can’t skip working to work out everyday, and you shouldn’t, but you can squeeze in small sessions here and there. Since you have no travel time between you and your work or a gym to tie up your time, take advantage of it! Create a little floor space and get your downward dog on!

4. Take Your Dog for an Evening Walk

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At the end of my workday at home, I’m often mentally exhausted and it would be easy to sit on my bum the rest of the night. Yet, I like to celebrate a great day’s work by giving my dog a treat and moving my legs by taking her for a 20 minute neighborhood walk. Often times, I sleep better, my joints don’t feel as stiff, and my mind is clearer just after this small little activity. If you don’t have a dog, consider taking yourself for a little walk, or ask your spouse or parent to go with you.

5. Don’t Eat out of Boredom

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This tip has nothing to do with exercise, but everything to do with staying fit. Being at home is convenient, and one of those conveniences is that you can eat whatever you want in your house, whenever you want to. Remember that calories still count, and you shouldn’t eat out of boredom because you’re suffering brain fog, or just bored. If this happens, chew on some gum, drink some herbal tea, or eat raw veggies to get rid of cravings. If these don’t work, consider doing a small household activity for 20 minutes to get you out of your funk, and come back to your work after a small break. This can do wonders for your cravings. On the flip side, don’t forget to eat regular meals if you get caught up in your assignments! Continue eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks if you like. Keeping meals regular and making sure they are healthy choices are key to staying in shape and keeping your metabolism at peak.

6. Move Throughout the Day

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Even if you stand up and work all day, you should still move throughout your day. Take small breaks to move around your house, tidying here and there, stand while making phone calls, or pace while on the phone. Go unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry. Go pull some weeds for 20 minutes, or listen to a conference call on your earbuds while going for a walk. Anything you can do to move more throughout the day is key to staying in shape while at home.

7. Fill Your House with Healthy Food

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If you’re going to eat healthy food, you’ve got to fill your home with healthy food! Don’t buy junk that will be there to tempt you, or cook any! Fill your house with healthy foods so that when you go to fix your food or take a meal break, you’ve got nothing but healthy choices to choose from.

If you work from home and want to share a tip to stay fit, please do! Even if you don’t work from home, what are your tips to stay fit during your workday?

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