7 Tips to Keep Your Hair in Place during a Workout ...


7 Tips to Keep Your Hair in Place during a Workout ...
7 Tips to Keep Your Hair in Place during a Workout ...

I don't know about you, but when it comes to hair, I live off tips to keep your hair in place during a workout, without a can of hairspray. My hair has a pretty bad relationship with hair bands and bobby pins, as in they don't work. These tips to keep your hair in place are some of my favorite little secrets to avoiding a hair meltdown while at the gym. Thankfully, they can also be applied to other areas of our beauty life as well.

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Weight Displacement

Weight Displacement If you have long hair, you may have dealt with the pain of jogging while it is all up in one bun or ponytail on the back of your head. I have. To avoid this pain that can lead to head and neck aches, use one of the easiest tips to keep your hair in place and simply disperse that weight from one point to two. Pig tails can be super cute while working out and will also hurt a whole lot less. A great perk about wearing pig tails is that you will be reducing the hair breakage as well!



Tease Most people who have issues keeping their hair in place have fine hair that is ridiculously soft or smooth. A great way to combat this smooth hair issue without doing massive damage is to tease the area that you are tying back. Whether it be a trendy bun or simple ponytail, teasing will give hair more volume and more staying power since we are taking away that smoothness. Use a bristle brush or ultra fine comb in the area that you will be tying back. If the messy look is not your deal, lightly smooth it back once your hair is in place.


Wet It

Wet It It does not take a scientist to know our hair stays in place better when it is wet. Use this to your workout advantage by spraying water throughout your hair before pulling it back. The goal is to have some areas be damp and some areas still be dry. Hair will stay in place better and you will have fewer escape strands mid-way through your sweat session. To give your hair that beachy look when going out, use a saltwater spray instead of plain water.



Braids Braids can do such amazing wonders for hair when we are working out and in general life. If your hair is long, one to two braids down your back is a great way to keep hair in place and off your neck. Those with shorter hair can use this method to braid the hairs surrounding the face. Use an inverted braid at your hairline around your face starting at your natural part and ending by the ear. This will keep all those pesky fly-aways in place a whole Zumba class long.


Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Dry shampoos are sold at almost any drug store and are meant to elongate the time between hair washings. Most dry shampoos use some kind of spray powder that removes oils, uses no water, and has a baby fresh scent. They can also be used to give the hair a bit more texture so bobby pins and hair bands work better. Follow the directions on your dry shampoo can, then style as needed.



Twists Twists are a great option when side braids take too long or are a bit too tedious. Begin with one, small lock of hair at your natural part and twist. Continue twisting hair into this original lock as you move down the side of the face. I like to stop adding hair about halfway between the crown of the head and the ear. This twist can then be bobby pinned back away from the face. For extra staying power, cross two bobby pins over one another or spray them with a tiny amount of hair spray before placing in hair.


Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better As far as hair bands go, bigger is better for keeping hair where you want it. Although I love, love, love those tiny hairbands that can barely be seen when used, I save those for nights out and use the big guns for workouts. The bigger, round hairbands will give more support to our locks and have about a billion times more gripping action. If you are still having issues, try using ones with rubber in the inside. Just be careful how tight you tie them since they can tend to pull.

When it comes to workouts, I try to keep my hair routine simple but effective. All of these methods all help keep hair in place without doing as much damage as the dreaded messy bun. What are some of your hair do's and don'ts when it comes to working out?

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I like this article but I tell ya one thing, when it comes to working out, if my hair isn't a mess after, I didn't workout hard enough ;)

Wear a hat problem solved

Braids! <3

Pictures don't match the ideas.

I love that turtletard!

my hubby hates it if my hair is prefect afterwards he says its sexy when its mess afterwards

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