Awesome Reasons to Start Strength Training to Improve Your Life ...


Awesome Reasons to Start Strength Training to Improve Your Life ...
Awesome Reasons to Start Strength Training to Improve Your Life ...

Every fitness routine should include strength training for body balance, injury prevention, weight loss and to look pretty darn amazing. Strength training is not just for those looking to build bulk but also for people that want to look and feel their best. In fact you will be amazed at the results you can achieve from a regular strength and cardio routine. To see incredible results, it is important to be sure not to neglect your strength or cardio. So find balance in your life by integrating strength training and here is just why it is ultra-important to pump that iron!

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Keeps the Weight Gain at Bay

pink, human hair color, shoulder, active undergarment, joint, Strength training increases the calories you burn both during and after your workout, helping you to become a calorie burning machine. You can slim down, shape up and see serious sculpting if you pump iron on a regular basis. Your cardio friends will be so envious of the results, they will follow your lead!


Builds Muscle Mass to Increase Bone Density

active undergarment, joint, shoulder, muscle, abdomen, As a certified trainer I have helped countless clients that were at the beginning stages of osteoporosis to build bone density and beat this awful disease. They were able to combat the weakening of their bones by adding a regular weight training routine. And through the process they saw serious results and looked amazing!


Makes You Stronger

exercise equipment, structure, shoulder, gym, thigh, How awesome is it that you can lift without being winded? You are able to carry things that most would assume you could not just because you are female. Well watch out because you ain’t seen nothing yet: this girl is made of steel because of the iron she pumps in her training routine. Yes, you can do anything!


Balance Your Body

footwear, beauty, human hair color, leg, human leg, Simply adding weights into your routine can balance your body for the better, improve your posture and just make you feel better. As a result, you will lower the risk of an injury and then you are totally winning because you are in fitness for the long haul!


Helps Prevent Disease

thigh, muscle, leg, selfie, lingerie, Strength training can boost your immune system and help to prevent disease. In fact studies have shown that weight lifting for arthritis sufferers was better than taking any medication. So heal yourself the healthy way by pumping iron!


Betters Your Mood

sunglasses, shoulder, vacation, shorts, eyewear, Since strength training can release endorphins in the brain, you may find yourself feeling quite jolly after a lifting session. That is because weight lifting will help you just feel better. So make sure you lift weights 3-4 times per week and I guarantee you will be so glad that you did!


Translates to More Calories Burned Even at Rest

undergarment, active undergarment, shoulder, abdomen, thigh, Since more calories are burned at rest, your body will actually burn more just to maintain muscle and this is a serious way to stay slim for a lifetime. So make sure you lift on a regular basis and also make sure to eat healthy to maintain that lean muscle mass. Lean protein within 30 minutes of your exercise session can help aid muscle recovery and help you to attain your goals!

So ladies do not be afraid to lift. It can give you the killer body, help you feel strong and better your health for a lifetime! You will be so glad that you did!

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