7 Things Only People Who Are Trying to Get Fit Will Understand ...

Trying to get fit is a physical and an emotional battle, especially for those people who are not blessed with a fast metabolism. Every meal and every workout count, and consistency is always the key to success! However, everything is much easier said than done. There are no results without discipline, but you already know that if you yourself are trying to get fit!

1. Motivation is a Battle

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The hardest thing about trying to get fit is finding motivation to work out everyday and watch what you eat. The results you are looking for require that you completely change your whole lifestyle and keep it that way, which is harder than it seems. So finding the strength and motivation is half the battle!

2. You Search for Instant Results

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Do you ever just look in the mirror and try to find instant results after one day of working out? Well, many of us do too! We all know how unrealistic it is, but we can’t help but try to spot the differences. I mean, we feel better about ourselves emotionally so we hope that our positive attitude translates into our appearance!

3. Hanging out with Friends Becomes a Challenge

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When you are actually on a health kick and trying your hardest to eat well, meeting up with friends becomes quite a challenge! Most of my friends like to eat out and as you know, there aren’t many healthy choices in restaurants or cafes. So you have a choice of either starving until you get home or getting a cheat meal that will set you back.

4. Switching up Workouts is Important

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After finally getting on a working out grind for a few weeks straight, your workout routine can become very repetitive - so repetitive that you lose all interest in performing it! This is why it is so important to switch up your exercises. The more variations you have, the more entertaining and easier it will be to keep on going!

5. Gym Buddies Are a Must

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From experience, exercising by yourself is a lot less exciting than with a workout buddy. Friends can push you to work harder and make the whole experience feel less like work! Plus having company and support never hurts, especially when you are trying to change your life around.

6. Guilt from Cheat Meals Kills You

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I think we can all relate to the major guilt that begins to eat you up after you eat a cheat meal. You knew better than to eat that piece of chocolate cake, but you just couldn’t resist! Now you regret your decision, but it’s important not to lapse even after a slip up and just continue eating healthy.

7. It’s Hard to Get Back on Track after a Break

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After working out hard for a while, life can get in the way and you have to go on a break from working out. However, once you extend that break, it’s a lot harder to get back to your routine, which is where people make the mistake of never going back to it!

Getting fit and losing weight is a struggle, but not to worry because millions of others are in the same boat as you. All of us are going through the same thing but still pushing until the end! How would you describe your journey to getting fit?

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