The Cure to Menstrual Cramps - 7 Exercises to do during Your Period ...


As much as you'd like to sprawl out in bed with Netflix and a bag of chips, you shouldn't skip your exercise routine just because you have your period. While you probably don't want to do laps around the pool or bend your aching back into ridiculous positions, there are some simple ways to work out that won't cause you any pain. In fact, they can actually reduce the severity of your cramps. Here are some basic exercises to do the next time you get your period:

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Go for a Run

Running is the easiest exercise to do, whether you're on your period or not. You can choose to circle around your block or run on a treadmill while watching Game of Thrones, because either way you'll be getting well needed cardio. Of course, if you're too worn out to run, you can settle for a brisk walk.


Bike around the Block

If you don't feel like standing, you can sit on your bike and ride around town. Of course, it might be best to use a stationary bike, so you don't have to worry about balancing. All you'll need to do is keep your feet moving. You can even read John Green while you're doing it or snack on a bar of chocolate.


Do a Forward Bend

It's time for a little yoga! Since you don't want to bend yourself into uncomfortable poses on your period, you should do something simple like a forward bend. Start by standing up straight with your feet together and arms at your side. Then lift your arms up toward the ceiling, and bring them down to the floor. If you can't reach, then feel free to bend your knees a bit.


Try the Head to Knee Pose

Here's another yoga pose for you that should help calm you down and get your blood pumping to all the right places. Start by sitting with your left leg extended and your right knee bent toward your left thigh. Lift your arms above you, and then lean down over your left leg and hold the position for 30 seconds.


Go for a Swim

Some women hate hitting the water on their period, but if you trust your tampons, you should jump right in. It's the perfect place to exercise during that time of the month, because it will make moving easier on your joints. So if your lower back has been bothering you, the water should soothe it.


Go Ice Skating

If you don't want to jump into the water, try walking around on some frozen water instead. Just make sure that you don't go ice skating for the very first time while you're on your period. You don't want to end up falling onto the ice every few seconds. That'll end up making your pain worse instead of distracting you from it.


Try the Wide Child’s Pose

Here's one last yoga pose to help with those cramps. Kneel on the floor and separate your thighs about as wide as your hips. Then you should lean forward as far as you can with your hands extended out in front of you.

Your life shouldn't come to a halt when your period arrives. You can still work out without hurting yourself further or getting blood all over your new sweatpants. What exercises do you do during your period?

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For all you who are commenting on swimming while on your period,your period stops while your in the water and starts again when you get out,just some friendly words 😊

@Vedika- if you use a tampon, you can swim- no problem.

I have football weight lifting practices and 5 hours before I'm suppose to go Sally sweetheart decides to make a visit.. I really hope these workouts work!

I definitely don't ever swim while I'm on my period.

Is it ok to wear a waist trainer?

I have severe period cramps and workout does help a lot. Just make sure to not do crazy stuff on your period. I have to workout or else I get cramps to the point where I have go to the hospital.

I suffer with severe cramps and whilst its so easy to just lie in bed and forget the world, i have found that being active,  going for a walk, gentle exercises does work for me.  And yes if you wear a tampon you can go swmming, but a lot of people find it (for want if a better word) 'icky' and would rather refrain from swimming, but you dont have to.

Swimming while bleeding?!

When doing the yoga one make sure to wear a pad 😂

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