The 13 Best Summer Running Tights ...

Running in the summer can get hot, but summer running tights can help enhance your performance. If you want a pair or more to wear when the weather gets hot, a lightweight pair that won’t leave you dripping in sweat is ideal. Take a look at these great summer running tights and you’ll have so many options, you might have trouble picking!

1. Nike Legend 2.0 Print Tight Poly Capri

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If animal print is your go-to style, the Nike Legend 2.0 Print Tight Poly Capri is perfect. The pair comes in three fun colors and provides a jersey mesh fabric for the best fit when you hit the pavement.

Price: $65 at

2. Athleta Relay Capri

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Athleta's Relay Capris are flattering and comfortable to wear when you run. With so many colors to choose from, you might need to grab a few pairs. The capris are form-fitted, but stretchy so they’ll move with you when you run.

Price: $70 at

3. Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II

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Lululemon is a wonderful choice for quality and cute running clothes. These running tights are super cute with a color block pattern, but they’re form fitting and won’t get in the way while you run. Choose from several colors.

Price: $86 at

4. Brooks Women’s Infiniti Capri

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The Brooks Women’s Infiniti Capri are great if you want something simple, but functional. The stretchy capri style is perfect for your performance, but look fashionable at the same time. The tights have an internal drawstring for the perfect fit.

Price: $52 at

5. Nike Women’s Filament Capri Tights

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Nike's Women's Filament Capri Tights are the perfect combination of moisture wicking fabric and a figure flattering shape. The tights are black with a strategically placed Nike symbol above the knee. HIgh performance fabrics make running in these tights comfortable and effective. You simply can’t go wrong!

Price: $48 at

6. Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Capri

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Not only are these running tights super cute, but they’ll keep you cool no matter how high the temperature climbs outside. The tights are also reflective, so you can wear them at night if you can’t run during the day.

Price: $50 at

7. New Balance Women’s Go 2 Capri

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The New Balance Women’s Go 2 Capri has a pocket! This is perfect if you take your ID, keys or other stuff along on your run. There’s also a pocket on the middle back of the running tights, so you can easily hook your ipod in there for music while you run. At the same time, you’ll get quality fabrics that enhance your performance.

Price: $36 at

8. Under Armour Fly-by Compression Capri

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If you love lightweight compression tights, these Under Armour ones are perfect for you. The slightly shiny black fabric is comfortable, but stylish too. These tights also have ruched sides and side panels to eliminate chafing. You’ll love these tights forever.

Price: $45 at

9. CW-X Women’s 3/4 Length Pro Running Tights

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The CW-X Women's 3/4 Length Pro Running Tights feature Coolmax® and Lycra® fabrics that work to minimize moisture and support muscles. They also have UPF 50+ in the fabric, which is perfect for sun protection on a summer run. The tights are black and stylish so you get everything you want at an affordable price.

Price: $90 at

10. SOLOW Eclon High Impact Crop Legging

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Available in two colors, SOLOW's Eclon High Impact Crop Legging look and feel great. They’re made from quality fabrics that enhance your run, but stay in place and feel comfortable at the same time.

Price: $57 at

11. Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Performance ¾ Tights

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If bright colors are one of your priorities when you choose running tights, these are the best pick. They come in a wonderful yellow color with a logo design. At the same time, the tights have zippered pockets and an elastic waistband for the ultimate in flexibility and comfort.

Price: $62 at

12. Women’s R-Gear High Speed Compression Tights

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These tights are ankle length and come in a few colors. The fabric is reflective for safety, the tights have a drawstring for the ideal fit and a back pocket for your essentials.

Price: $54 at

13. Champion Power Train Absolute Workout Space Dye Women’s Fitted Tights

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Not only is the fabric moisture wicking, but it also comes in a fun pattern and two colors. The tights reach the ankles and offer plenty of UV protection for your summer running habit.

Price: $26.99 at

If you can’t run without your trusty running tights, there’s no lack of choices. Which pair is your ultimate dream?

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