The 4 Best πŸ™Œ Exercises πŸ’ͺ to do at the Gym 🏒 for Fitness Inspired 🌟 Girls ...

Okay, so you took the plunge and finally bought that gym membership to start off the new year with a bang. So, what are the the best exercises to do at the gym? The only problem now is that, despite your best intentions, you aren’t quite sure what to do next! If you are looking for a starting point in the big wide world of gym culture, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. When it comes to the real gym addicts, people can have lists of dozens of different workout schedules to follow and routines to master for different parts of their body, on different days, but if you are only just starting out, you might want to take it a little slower! To help ease you in to gym life here are the single four the best exercises to do at the gym.

1. Burpees

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Burpees might seem intimidating, but once you have the method down, you will be up there burpeeing with the best of them!

β€’ Stand up straight then go down into a squat, with your hand placed on the floor right in front of you.
β€’ Next, kick your legs back so that you are now in the plank position, then returning them to the original squat position that you took up.
β€’ Jump into the air as high as you can, perhaps giving a shout of enthusiasm as you do so!
β€’ Repeat this until you can really start to feel the burn and beyond.

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