Super Simple Steps to Get Fit That Won't Mess up Your Life ...

Fit, good looking, attractive... Is this your goal? Because it is definitely is mine. I let myself go waaaay too much and it’s time for me to get back into shape! If you want to also, then read these super helpful tips you absolutely need to consider! Let’s get to it.


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Take a day to yourself to hike! If you still have to study or work, find a tour where there are bars or cafes to sit every two hours, take a backpack with your stuff and make it fun! Like a new bar every hour or two, it’s a nice alternation that’ll spice up your studying/working.


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Forget the rituals of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only eat when you’re hungry! This awareness will also you prevent from overeating by managing portion controls.


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Be a kid, run around and laugh and jump on everything you find! Do handstands everywhere until you can’t hold your breath much longer. Sometimes, you have to step away from that mentality where you always have to do sport to get in shape; do it for fun!


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Drink as much as you can, but especially, the goal here is to drink when you’re hungry, distract any craving by drinking water, or tea, or flavored water (homemade of course). There is a danger though in drinking too much: you can flush the electrolytes that are in your body so be aware of that and inform yourself to see how much you should drink.


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Make of your plate an art. By doing this, you’ll not only have fun but unconsciously will want to add more healthy and nourishing foods. Plus, you’ll probably eat slower and so that’s good for portion control.

6. HOW to DEAL with GUILT?

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If you ever « cheat » (even though I don’t like that term since it’s so negative), then you shouldn’t hate yourself for it, believe me! You’ll just punish yourself for nothing and try to restrict yourself, so just be aware of it and try to understand where it comes from, and use it as a chance to prove to yourself how much you don’t want to do it again. Make of it an extra boost of motivation and a wake-up call every so often, instead of a failure.

7. Do IT for YOU, and ONLY YOU

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Keep in mind what the reason is you’re getting fit. It’s to be satisfied, and feel self loved. That reminder should be enough motivation already to do it your whole life! You’ve been given this body, nourish it well and take care of it, it’ll reward you.

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