7 Strange Olympic Sports That Are Actually Fun to Watch ...

I recently had a sports-buff friend tell me about some of the truly strange Olympic sports that have been played in the winter games this year. For instance, I never knew that the trampoline is included in the summer gymnastics competition. I always thought of that as something we did in the backyard during the summer. I've seen my cat Slater dance around the room when we play jazz, but I never thought I'd see a horse do it! Seeing all of the strange Olympic sports - as well as reading about ones from the past - is a lot more fun to watch than I thought it would be. Here are some of the more interesting-but believable-ones I've found. They're not all presently played but you can still get a laugh out of the fact they were there to begin with.

1. Curling

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This is definitely one of the strangest Olympic sports, but is actually pretty fun to watch. Basically, you slide your stones down the ice in an attempt to get as many of your team's stones at or as close to the target as possible. Sounds normal, huh? The weird-looking part is the brushing in front, but it's done to even out the surface as much as possible so that the stone doesn't get caught up or misdirected by ridges in the ice. I'd actually love to play this, if only to get to wear crazy Norwegian-flag pants.

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