7 Sports to Try Even if You're Not Sporty ...

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a sporty person, there are sports to try which may change your mind. Whether you’re looking for an indoor adventure or some outdoor time in the sun, there are sports to try which will suit your mood. Don't worry, you’re not trying to make it to the Olympics; you’re just trying to move that bod a little more. Remember, the key to playing sports is the “play” part and you just might find yourself spending time with your new healthy addiction!

1. Tennis

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One of the best sports to try if you’d like to get more exercise in and have a great time is tennis. Whether you want to play it like you mean it, or just hit the ball against the backboard at your local park, tennis is one of the best options out there. The initial investment consists only of your racket (try the local secondhand store for some great deals) and some tennis balls. You already have the shoes in your closet, don’t you?!?

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