7 Simple Tweaks for Better Workouts ...


If you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss or fitness journey, chances are you’d benefit from some tweaks for better workouts. The body is always trying to adapt to whatever diet and workout you put it through, meaning it’s important to incorporate tweaks for better workouts from time to time. Check out these seven tips for having awesome workouts that burn calories, blast fat, and will get you lean and toned in no time.

1. Add a Cardio Burst

Are you simply resting and sitting on a workout bench in between sets of bicep curls? Remember, it’s a workout, not a work sit! Adding a cardio burst in between sets of an exercise is one of the simplest tweaks for better workouts. It could be as simple as a one minute sprint on a treadmill or a round of box jumps. This is a great way to burn extra calories while you’re resting. You’re basically killing two birds with one stone.

Work Abs in between Sets of Other Exercises
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