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3 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Love Handles ...

By Lydia

Unless you are lucky enough to have the body of an absolute goddess, it’s probably fair to assume that you are familiar with the concept (and reality) of love handles. Whether you have lapsed a little on your diet, or fallen behind in your exercise regime, or even done something amazing like had a baby, love handles, the stores of fat that appear on the sides of your stomach area, aren’t welcome under any circumstances! If you are looking for the inspiration to finally do something about it, here are three simple steps to get rid of your love handles.

Table of contents:

  1. Diet change
  2. Control stress levels
  3. Moderate exercise

1 Diet Change

It’s obvious, but it’s always worth repeating! One of the healthiest and most efficient ways to get rid of love handles is to change your eating habits. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, and that’s the truth. One good way specifically for love handles is to remove inflammatory foods, like swapping out white rice for brown, butter for olive oil, red meat for salmon, chips for nuts etc. Do these things and you will find yourself getting leaner.

2 Control Stress Levels

Stress really can affect your waistline. When you experience stress and anxiety, your cortisol levels rise which can cause a spike in insulin. Too much insulin being released can result in more belly fat on a prolonged basis, so some things you can do to release stress are yoga, regular sleep, balanced diet, gentle exercise, and lots of self-care like bubble baths, relaxing music, and great books!

3 Moderate Exercise

What you want to do is get involved with regular, moderate exercise, but not overdo it so that you injure yourself and end up sedentary on the sidelines for a long time. Just be consistent with what you do, long walks every day, maybe a nice jog outside or on a treadmill, or perhaps something cool and group-based like a spin class or water aerobics. Do something to get your heart pumping that isn’t going to push your body to a point where you have to stop for a while.

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