7 Low Impact but Effective Workouts 🎽for Girls Recovering FFom an Injury ...

If you love fitness like me, you probably have experienced some injury along the way in your fitness journey. Stress fractures, knee injuries, abdominal pulls and back trauma are just a few of the most common injuries that can sideline you from your passion. But you need not worry - with the right rehab and injury prevention workouts, before long you can be back in action. Since weak muscle groups can set you up for an injury down the road, it is important to focus on strengthening exercises. So to begin, let me help you get started with these super rehab and injury prevention workouts:

1. Groin Rehab

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If you hurt your groin while you were running, dancing, doing a cartwheel or in any other way, follow this video to help rehab your injury. Groin injuries can be very painful but with the right rehab, you can be back and ready to play in a matter of weeks. So follow these rehab strengthening exercises and listen to your body.

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