7 Reasons You're Never Too Old for Ballet ...


Ever wanted to try your hand at ballet but think that you're too old or that you're just not the ballet type? Well, think again because ballet is back. Actually, I don't think it ever went away and there are many reasons that ballet might be the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of life.

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No Tutu Required

You don't need to don a tutu, unless you really want to of course! You will however, need a pair of ballet shoes and they're cheap if you're just starting out. You can buy them online or at specialist dance shops. As for other attire, anything goes really. Leggings or jogging bottoms and a t- shirt will give you the ability to move comfortably. When you progress, you might want to invest in a leotard to feel more like a ballet dancer but it's not essential.



Ballet is great for posture and core strength. If you have a tendency to slouch at your computer or desk, then ballet is the perfect way to help you adjust your posture and stand taller. This will also help you to develop more self confidence. Slouching and walking with our head stooped can make us feel low. Start standing tall like a ballet dancer and feel things change in your mind-set too.


Weight Loss

Yeah, I knew that would get your attention! Ballet is brilliant for shedding those excess pounds as it increases your metabolism. Of course, it's all in the mind too. Focusing your attention on a new endeavour will mean that the boredom is less likely to set in and you won't be reaching for those high calorie snacks.



There is a lot of strength work involved in ballet and exercises involve placing weight on one leg at a time. You will start by learning the placing of the arms and then you will start to perfect those pretty pirouettes. You'll be doing some jumps and developing your coordination as you progress through the classes. Balance, agility, coordination and flexibility are just some of the things you will develop through ballet classes. In short, you'll be nicknamed twinkle toes before long!


Strength and Toning

Ever noticed how ballet dancers are super toned? Well, it's the ballet that does it. The abundance of stretching involved means that you can maintain muscle length too. The constant repetition of the exercises will mean you will build strength in the hips, lower legs, ankles and feet.


Social Side

Ballet classes are friendly places. If you have horrible memories of ballet classes in your youth, banish them from your head now because adult ballet classes are great. You will meet many people who are looking to do something different, step out of their comfort zone and get fit in a fun and friendly environment.


Where do I Find More Info?

You might have heard of Barrecore and BarreConcept and these are ballet inspired work outs that involve body-boosting ballet moves. Search online for some local classes. You can even stream a class straight to your living room via Balletbeautiful.com. Run by Mary Helen Bowers who trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, what better way to learn about ballet!

So, these are just a few of the reasons to add ballet to your gym routine. Are you inspired to try ballet or some of the ballet-inspired classes out there?

Sources: livestrong.com

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#3 I need the push to shed extra belly, butt weight. Refocus my mind.

#4 something other than twinkle toes. More flexible and coordinate yes.

#6 Getting fit in a friendly environment is 1/2 the challenge.

#5 The stretching and balance will help my confidence.

If I could afford it and if I wasn't a poor college student.. I would totally do this. I've always wanted to be a dance/in ballet.

Ok im sorry, but the first one just makes me mad, cuz its just si stereotypical. Like half the time u dont even need a freakin tutu, so i dont get y evrryone makes fun of u if u do ballet cuz u hav to wear a tutu. Ive been made fun of because i do ballet, and i really dont care. I just yell at them. But otherwise cool article, it's true

#2 I'm too old for a company. But for my posture and confidence I'm giving serious thought to starting again.

Even after quitting classes 3 years ago, I still do ballet at home. My parents always paid for my classes and i did it for 16 years! I did a couple of exams, my last one at Advanced 1 Cecchetti syllabus. After that I just like doing it in my own time, it's amazing how much I remember!!

It's been 20 years since I took ballet, I took a ballroom dance class a couple years ago with my hubs. Ballet was always my favorite, after reading this I may need to get back into it.

Thanks for the encouragement, I need it.

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