7 Memorable 👌🏼 Ways to Fight 👊🏼 Post Workout 💪🏼 Hunger 😋 so You're Not 👎🏼 Wasting Progress 🗑 ...

Have you ever finished a workout feeling like you were absolutely famished? All you could think about is pigging out on your favorite foods immediately after your workout? It literally takes almost an hour for you to pull yourself off the edge from making poor food choices. So why do you want to pig out after a workout? And how can you combat this? As a certified trainer and nutritionist for countless lives, I will help you as you as I have helped others and share tips I also utilize in my own life.

1. You Are Thirsty

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Dehydration is commonly confused with hunger so if you are not drinking water during and prior to your workout you may end up searching for food when all you need is a drink. Combat this confusion by having two glasses of water immediately following your workout and then decide if you are really needing a meal.

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