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I started taking Irish dancing lessons when I was 5 years old and continued to dance for another 13 years. It was an incredible experience dancing for festivals and parties over the years. If I was to do it all over again, I definitely would retake my Irish dancing lessons and here's why:

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Irish dancing is rich in Irish culture. I’ve always been proud of my heritage and eager to not only learn more but also get involved. Taking Irish dancing lessons was the route I took, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I got to learn about Irish music by dancing to it, not listening to it on repeat in my car. If you want to learn more about your Irish culture, then consider taking lessons yourself!


The jigs and reels taught in class do more than simply get your feet moving—they breathe life into centuries-old traditions. As you learn each step, there's a sense of connection to generations past, a shared rhythm that beats in Irish hearts. It's about celebrating history through movement, embracing the ceol (music) and craic (fun) that's inherent to the Irish spirit. So, if you're the type eager to wear your heritage proudly, to “céilí” the night away and do more than just don a Claddagh ring, these lessons are your gateway into the very soul of Ireland itself.



Irish dancing is all in the footwork. It took me quite a long time to keep my arms firm by my side and not flopping all over the place. By maintaing a straight torso, the audience focuses in on your footwork. It taught me as a child to harness my energy and direct it into one place. This skill comes in handy when I want to realign my toes in a yoga pose or bring my awareness to my hands as I draw.


Achieving that perfect balance and precision in foot placement is a delightful challenge. Every intricate tap and leap is a testament to your control and discipline. As you learn to consistently execute these moves with grace and flair, you realize that Irish dancing isn't just about what the feet are doing; it's about storytelling through rhythm. These movements become second nature, painting vivid stories that resonate not just through every tap, but through the captivated expressions of your audience as well.



Irish dancing is a great leg workout. You really learn to work your legs and move them in intricate ways to perform step after step. My sister used to turn on Irish music in our home and start dancing for her weekly workout. It also works your brain as you remember steps and the sequence in which they occur. This form of exercise gets your heart-rate up and tones those calves.


It's not just about the physical benefits either; Irish dancing is an incredible cardiovascular workout that engages other areas of your body as well. As you leap and bound to the lively tunes, you also give your core a serious workout. It improves your balance and posture, helping you stand taller and more confidently in your everyday life. Plus, it's a fun way to shed any extra pounds while soaking in the joys of a cultural gem. Embrace the lively spirit of Ireland with every jig and reel, and watch as your fitness levels soar!



Irish dance lessons are just like any other activity that you might join. It was cool being able to socialize with people interested in their culture or the dances themselves. My Irish dance school mainly danced at festivals. It was always fun to branch off with your friends after the dances were over to explore the festival before coming back for the second round of dancing. After St. Patrick’s Day dance-outs, you can guess that we flocked to get ice cream or go out to eat as a group.


Joining Irish dancing not only nurtures your dancing abilities but fosters friendships as well. The shared love for the tradition creates a bond unique to the arts. Whether it's cheering each other on during feis or joining in the laughter at group outings, the camaraderie is undeniable. After performances, the celebration doesn't stop. It extends beyond the stage, embracing the heart of Irish culture—an exuberant community spirit. It's in these moments, surrounded by your dance mates over a meal or a treat, where the true joy of being part of the Irish dance community is fully realized.


It’s Cool

How many people do you know that can Irish dance? It’s not as common a skill as drawling, singing, or even doing a sport. It’s pretty cool to Irish dance; everyone thinks so. I can remember being interviewed in a mock-college-interview during a class in high school where I mentioned that I Irish danced. Everyone in the class was fascinated because it’s something different but totally awesome.


Moreover, having a unique skill like Irish dancing immediately makes you the center of attention at social gatherings. Picture walking into a party and captivating everyone's attention as you step dance to a lively jig. Your feet move with such intricate rhythms and spirited energy that it's impossible not to watch in admiration. It elevates your cool factor and gives you a distinctive edge in a sea of common hobbies. Plus, it's a fantastic icebreaker and an engaging way to share your passion and cultural heritage with others.


It’s Its Own World

Once you get involved in any activity, you realize there is a whole world behind it. The world of horse racing was opened up in the ABC Family show “Wildfire.” The world of gymnastics was opened up in the TV show “Make It Or Break It” and film “Stick It.” The Irish dance community is a world into itself. There aren’t reality shows on this world that I am familiar with but trust me, it is quite big once you get involved.


Irish dancing may seem niche, but like any committed circle, it's bustling with passion and dedication. Envision tapping into a universe where every shuffle and jump connects you to a rich cultural heritage. From feiseanna (dance competitions) to social gatherings, it's an enclave of lively music, intricate costumes, and unwavering camaraderie. Imagine striding onto a dance floor resonating with the heartbeat of traditional reels and jigs. By lacing up your dancing shoes, you're not just learning steps, you're becoming part of a vibrant, supportive community that celebrates every dancer's journey.


It’s Fun

Irish dancing is fun! I’m one of those people who believes that you should do things that make you feel good about yourself. I enjoyed Irish dancing because it allowed me to hang out with friends, dance, and perform. It gave me something to look forward to each week. And I always left with inside jokes that you had to be an Irish dancer to understand. It was great!

Irish dance lessons are a good way to learn more about the Irish culture, whether you are Irish or not. You can dance and have a good time while performing either for festivals or competitions. Have you ever taken Irish dance classes?

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Yep still dance in college,love it!

There was a documentary on TLC called the big jig and a movie called jig!

I'm an Irish dancer :)

I totally would take classes all over again.

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