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I've heard numerous people bragging about being sore after exercising. While a little soreness is normal after starting a new workout, being extremely sore or being sore every day isn't a good thing. Personally, I like being able to move around the next day. If you typically measure a workout by how sore you are, you might want to consider the reasons why being sore after exercising might not be good for you.

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Sign of Damaged Muscles

Anytime you change up your workout by adding more reps or trying something completely different, you will feel a little sore as your muscle adjust. If you keep piling on too much for your body to handle, the soreness is likely a sign of damaged muscles. Being sore after exercising every single time could mean you're doing more harm than good to your body. You want to be fit, not hurt.


The Body Needs to Recover

It takes time for the body to become used to a specific movements. For instance, when you first start yoga, you won't be able to fully do many of the poses until your flexibility improves. Many believe if you're not sore, you're too used to the exercise. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Your body needs time to recover from the new changes. The best way to recover is by being consistent.


Prevents Future Exercise

If you push yourself too hard during the first few days of a new workout, odds are, you won't be able to get out of bed once the soreness sets in. This feeling of weak, achy muscles isn't exactly encouraging. Instead, it makes us want to take it easy. By the time we're ready to workout again, we end up just a sore. In the end, we end up hating exercising and doing even less of it.


Lead to Increased Pain

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people tell me the best solution for soreness is more exercise. While movement does help, it doesn't mean you need another major workout. In fact, until you've had time to recover, the only thing more exercise gets you is more pain and potentially damaged muscles. Still, many believe this myth and won't stop pushing themselves until the soreness fades which could be weeks later.


False Sense of Progress

I used to believe being sore meant I'd had an amazing workout. While a little soreness can be expected, you shouldn't feel like you can't move. Sometimes soreness gives you a false sense of progress. The soreness isn't an indicator of how much activity you did or how many calories you burned. All it indicates is your muscles aren't used to the specific activities or number of activities you did.


Encourages Too Much Exercise

For those who believe constant soreness is a sign of a great workout, the soreness actually leads you to working out too much. Most fitness regimens last anywhere from 4-6 weeks before changing the activities. Some gradually increase repetitions or weights every 1-2 weeks. This gives the body time to adjust in a healthy way. Piling on too much too soon could lead to severe burnout and damage to your body.


Makes You Eat More

If you're anything like me, the worse you feel, the more likely you are to pile up on the couch with your favorite comfort food. For me, it's cookies, which kind of negate any of the work I did the day before. When you're really sore, you're far more likely to skip your workout and lie on the couch all day resting. The last thing you want to do is pile on more calories. It's much easier to meet your workout head on when you can actually stand to move about.

Don't let the major fitness buffs intimidate you into thinking fitness has to hurt to be effective. It doesn't. Listen to your body and don't do more than you can handle. How do you approach exercise when you're sore?

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Are there any sources you can cite? A few of these reasons are extremely questionable.

Hahah okay somebody needs to be fired. This article is so poorly written it is funny. Like seriously? I know quite a few people who don't know anything about fitness who read articles from AWS and would believe anything you say. Please be knowledgeable.

My mom told me that soreness is a chemical released into the muscles and the best way to burn that chemical is to work out more. That source is just my Mom though. Eating a snack before working out helps with post workout binges. Personally a half cup of oatmeal works like a charm. I think the only thing bad about working out is working out improperly. Workouts that only target one muscle are not natural. They are good for bulking up or toning, but for athletes static repetitions are not good. The workout should mimic the type of movements done in the sport. That naturally engages all involved muscles rather than creating an imbalance

sore muscles don't make you eat more, laziness does. in fact most of these reasons are due to laziness rather than sore muscles themselves. no one ever said working out was easy

I feel like I'm learning more from reading people's comments rather than the article itself.

When the muscle recovers, it's going to recover stronger and denser than it was before." So that soreness you feel the day after an upper-body workout—when you're hauling groceries into your car and you can hardly lift your arms—is good.

It's good to have some level of sore. Your muscles do need to be worked hard. However, consistent long-term sore can mean other issues. I'm a bikini competitor and I train pretty hard. Right now I'm carb deprived because I'm getting ready for a show. So my recovery after weight training isn't where it should be. I'm almost over-training but a lot of factors are playing in. So gauge yourself. Listen to your body.

Cmon , us ladies should feel the pain ! It's a good sign ( in my opinion)

😂 no sore is good. Feel the burn 💪

This is like Wikipedia ! Just saying some of these sound impossible !

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