7 Reasons to Stay Fit over the Holidays ...


7 Reasons to Stay Fit over the Holidays ...
7 Reasons to Stay Fit over the Holidays ...

Halloween is over and the holiday season is officially upon us, which means that we all need a few extra reasons to stay fit over the holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, we all tend to eat less healthy and have more stress than normal. Almost every woman out there has suffered from post holiday remorse for not working out enough or eating too much of those holiday goodies. Thankfully, there are a few quick reasons to stay fit over the holidays that will help keep us off Santa’s naughty list.

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New Year’s Goals

One of the easiest reasons to stay fit over the holidays is a goal. Whether it be a New Year’s goal that you made last year or a goal you plan to make this year, keep that goal going or give it a head start by being healthier over the holidays. This does not mean only eating kale for two months straight, but little things like continuing a workout plan or adding 15-minutes of cardio will go a long way towards achieving those goals- even with all the holiday treats.



I do not know about your family, but in ours, the holidays mean picture time. For me, this is a super great reminder to stay healthy. We work hard, really hard, throughout the year for the fantastic shape we have. Keep it going throughout the holidays so you can look back and admire that toned tum and lean legs.



For so many, stress is one of the greatest reasons to not exercise over the holidays. Believe it or not, it should be one of the best reasons to stay healthy. After we workout, little happiness hormones called endorphins are released. These make us feel more relaxed and reduce our stress level, even though we have really done nothing to decrease the reasons for it. Working out over the holidays is one of my secret weapons for staying level headed through all the traffic hold ups, shopping excursions, and family fun.



Holiday parties come by the truck loads and everyone wants to look cute for them. Staying healthy can not only keep you svelte for these outings, but it can help you stay away from those naughty treats. A great way to reduce the amount of unhealthy food eaten at a holiday party is to work out the day of the party. By working out our usual amount we will have less of a want to counter all that calorie burning action from earlier in the day. Just be sure to only work out the usual amount, because working out more can actually give us an excuse to eat more.



Has anyone ever asked you your size for a gift and you pondered which one to give them... The size you are or the size you plan to be post New Year’s? I have. This can be a much easier question if our size does not change over the holidays. By keeping up our usual health and fitness routine, we are more likely to either continue those weight loss goals or stay the size we are now.



I love the holidays and this love tends to give me less sleep and more things to do throughout the day. What we eat makes a huge difference in our overall health and our energy levels. Our bodies can only work with what we give them. Lunches comprised of break room cookies or midnight fudge breaks can lead to insomnia, break outs, poor health, and a loss of energy. No thanks on all counts.



When I eat not-so-great things or reduce my workout, my face shows it. Less cardio means less oxygen to my face, leading to more clogged pores and blotchy skin. Unhealthy eating can produce break outs and dull skin. The holidays are a time for fun and cheer, not concealer application in the bathroom. This may be a bit of a vain reason to work out, but it sure does the trick when not working out and eating that box of holiday cookies sounds better.

Staying healthy during the holidays takes an extra level of dedication than eating healthy or working out during bikini season. Thankfully, our hard work and dedication will pay off in a better quality of life and achievement of those fitness goals. What are some of your secrets for staying healthy over the holidays?

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I like this point: "By working out our usual amount we will have less of a want to counter all that calorie burning action from earlier in the day." Good little motivator for eating well

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