7 Reasons to Start Bike Riding ...


There are several reasons to start bike riding and I somehow narrowed them to seven points in this post to keep it short and simple. There seems to be a growing trend now for people to take out their bicycles as climate change becomes a serious issue faced by Mother Earth and its inhabitants. But helping conserve the environment is not the only reason why you should get out and try cycling. The benefits for your body and your physical well-being are enormous, and if you enumerate them, you would surely find more than seven reasons to start bike riding.

1. Calorie Buster

In 2012, I asked my then boyfriend, "Soft drinks or me?" He had so much extra weight from going on a soft-drinks-and-sweets binge that I was afraid he would have a heart attack soon. He chose me and he knew that meant living a healthy lifestyle so we can spend more years together. Within the first three months of cycling, he lost 25 pounds - not much to some people but it was definitely a milestone for him. It became one of his reasons to start bike riding. Yes, I married him as he lived up to his word and chose to be healthy with bike riding as his way of keeping his promise.

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