7 Reasons to Include Stretching in Your Daily Workout Routine ...


Since flexibility is one of the five components of fitness, there are many reasons to include stretching in your fitness program. As a former ballet dancer, I am an ardent believer in stretching. Having supple muscles is so important for your body to feel great. When your muscles are tight, everything can become achy. This can make moving more difficult, which is one of the last things you want when you are working out. While I am not suggesting you have to be able to get your leg over your head, you do want to have enough flexibility to be able to move with ease, which is one of the reasons to include stretching in your daily routine. There are several other reasons you will want to stretch often.

1. Increases Range of Motion

Range of motion (ROM) is defined as the degree of flexibility in a joint. Having good ROM is critical for being able to exercise at your full potential, and it is very important for staying injury free. If you have a limited ROM, you have an increased chance of experiencing pain or obtaining an injury, neither of which is desirable. If you have already sustained an injury, you probably have limited ROM and careful stretching can help bring your injured body part back to having full motion. Not only will this help with any pain, but it will also help get you back into your full exercise routine, which is one of several reasons to include stretching in your exercise routine.

Decreases Risk of Injury
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