Perfect Reasons to Hike a Fourteener ...


Perfect Reasons to Hike a Fourteener ...
Perfect Reasons to Hike a Fourteener ...

There are so many reasons to hike a fourteener. There are several mountains in the US that have trails that go up to the peak of the mountains and it is becoming a popular past time to hike these mountains. Hiking is a fun and unique way to get the proper amount of exercise. One of the most popular ways to use hiking as exercise is to hike a fourteener. It's fun and works the muscles through your body. Here are all the best reasons to hike a fourteener.

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Why is It so Popular?

One of the reasons to hike a fourteener is because it's trending. Many fitness enthusiasts are attracted to it because they'll be able to say that they climbed to the top of a mountain and got great exercise in the process. Hiking is unique because you work out really hard, but doesn't feel like it. If you have never hiked up to the top of a 14er before, then it will be a new experience and will show you how physically fit you really are.

This kind of hiking works multiple different metabolic pathways in the body and is extremely beneficial to the overall health of your body. Your cardiovascular system will work harder than ever before since it is working at an altitude that has very little oxygen. You will feel your body using muscles that have not been used for a while or that are normally not in function since they are not used to this type of exercise.


The Type of Exercise

As stated before, hiking a fourteener will use the cardiovascular system, working harder to utilize the very little oxygen in the air. This type of hiking will build neuromuscular control and help you work your core. This neuromuscular stability will increase over time and improve your health in the process.



If you are looking for a fun and unique achievement then hiking a fourteener is the way to go. There are trails all over the United States to choose from. Be sure you are in decent physical health so that you don't hurt yourself or harm your health during your hike. Have fun!

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