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You might think you need a friend to hit the gym, but there are actually plenty of reasons to exercise solo. Exercising on your own is actually a lot better than you would presume, giving you some time to focus on yourself and get the body you’ve always wanted. If you’re still intimidated about going to the gym by yourself, keep these seven reasons to exercise solo in mind.

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You’ll Get a Better Workout

One of the best reasons to exercise solo is the fact that you’ll probably get a better workout. You won’t need to worry about your gym buddy keeping up with you, meaning you can lift those really heavy weights if you feel like it or go that extra mile.


You Won’t Be Distracted

Sometimes when you work out with a friend, you end up talking the entire time and having a great gab fest instead of a great workout. Going to the gym on your own means you won’t be distracted by gossip and rumors. Save the girl talk for a happy hour or night on the town and instead, focus on pushing yourself to the max while you’re working out.


You’ll Be Able to Pace Yourself Better

Have you ever worked out with a friend only to realize you two weren’t at the same fitness level? Whether you’re struggling to keep up with your workout partner or always having to wait for them to catch up, working out on your own eliminates this problem. When exercising on your own, just think of the competition as yourself!


You Can Work out the Way You Want to Work out

When I worked out with a friend from high school, often we were at odds about how to exercise. She might have wanted to do cardio only while I wanted to hit the weights. Not having a partner might feel lonely or odd at first, but you’ll love being able to do as many sets of squats or bicep curls as you want and not worry about your partner getting tired or bored.


You Can Listen to Your Favorite Music

Not having a work out partner to talk to means you can catch up on all your favorite music. There’s nothing like hitting the treadmill to your favorite EDM tracks or lifting weights to your favorite hip hop music. Use the time alone to listen to music. Explore new artists, bands, and songs until you’ve figured out the perfect play list!


You Can Unwind and Relax

Between work, family, friends, and other stressors, everyone needs some alone time. Working out on your own might be just what you need to unwind and relax after a hectic day at the office. Whatever aggressions or pressures you’re feeling; throw them into your next workout! You’ll definitely reap the rewards.


You Can Get Your Dream Body

I almost forgot to mention one of the coolest benefits of working out on your own: your dream body! Working out by yourself allows you to do the kind of exercises to get the shape and figure you’ve always wanted. Everyone has a different body type and it’s important to customize your workout to your individual needs.

Working out on your own isn’t lonely, but rather liberating! What are some of your favorite exercises to do by yourself?

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This article is very much why I have my own exercise machines @ home. I can go to my exercise area any time of day or night to exercise without inconveniencing anyone else. I added a new exercise machine that no gym would have & I take that out every day for longer than my total workout machines routine that I do @ home. with me being physically challenged from M.S., I am continually changing my routine on my exercise machines in my home as well. You have no idea unless you have gone through it as well, I have used my exercise machines for years to keep me from losing any abilities that I could lose from having M.S. I even got myself back on my feet, for the time being anyways, from having to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. No thanks, I will pass on being stuck in a wheelchair for as long as I can! To make a really long story short, it is amazing just what exercising solo can do for the body & mind.

I prefer going to the gym solo as well for many reasons also the ones you have summed up here☺️Happy training everyone!

I so advocate working out solo. some people in the gym say that we don't talk to you because you are way too engrossed in your weight training.the time you spend on exercising won't come back so give it your best shot 😊

I also enjoy my solo workout at the gym, I just put on my headphones and I start working. this way everyone knows I can't chat because I can't hear them with my headphones on so I get to focus only on what I'm there to do the entire time. chatting wastes time and besides you don't engage on the workout as much as you should.

I love going alone I get to do what I want

For me, I also love going solo because I won't compare myself to my friend that way. If I am with a friend, I find myself having to match or best them which can be nerve wrecking and that's never good so once in a while it's nice to go with a friend or two but I definitely prefer flying solo

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