7 Reasons Students Should Prioritize Fitness ...


Did you there are so many reasons students should prioritize fitness? From better health to better grades, there are many reasons to lace up your shoes and get moving. If you feel like the fit students have it all, they probably do, because they've learned to balance fitness, health and good grades. Join the smart jocks in academic success and read about the reasons middle, high, and college students should prioritize fitness:

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Better Balance

When you begin to exercise, you get into a routine that actually helps you to manage your time better. You stop stressing over limited time and make the most of every moment. This a huge help to students with super busy course loads. This time-management aspect is one of the major reasons students should prioritize fitness


Think Clearly

Studies show that you think more clearly when you exercise, since exercise increases blood flow to your brain. So make sure you exercise for 4-6 days a week for 45 minutes to one hour. Then you'll ace your next exam because you decided to focus on fitness!


Have More Energy

You often begin to start an exercise program but fail to stick with it due to your lack of energy. If this is your issue, you are not alone. But stick with it and I promise your body will get used to it, you will become addicted (in a good way) and you will have more energy after your workout!


Create Healthy Life Habits

As a student, you are forming new habits every day that may become a part of your adult life. So make healthy habits by choosing to focus on exercise. No matter what your jean size or the number on the scale, fitness is about more than giving you a great body, it's also about bettering your health and life.


Better Your Health

Tired of getting the flu every year or being plagued by the seasonal cold? Then start exercising to ward these away. Exercise can boost your immune system, and as a student being at your classes is crucial to good grades. So get out for a run, speed walk or bike ride starting today!


Better Memory

Looking to better your memory? Then get out for a workout because exercise can help to better your memory and overall cognitive function. So skip the passe thinking cap and get in a workout instead!


Have Better Grades

Want to ace your classes and become a scholastic success? Well first you need to study, then train your body and mind. And if you're on a time crunch, multitask and exercise while you listen to your lecture over your headphones. Recording lectures can make your life easier! So ace your classes just by making fitness a part of your life and master the power of multitasking success!

So are you an avid exerciser? If so, do you feel it has helped you to get better grades?

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I'm studying full time at the moment and being a full time student is sooo bad for me, I put on a lot of weight a while back. For the past 2 months I've put effort into doing some form of exercise at least 5 days a week. Feels a lot better than not moving as much as I used to!

I have been very committed to fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle for two years now and am heading into my first year of varsity in 2015. My grades have improved incredibly and a workout gives my mind a great break from studying. When time gets a bit short, I do squats and wall push ups in the shower while I let my hair condition! It makes you feel a lot better even if it isn't much.

I try, but being in the last semester of my bachelors degree and working doesn't leave a great deal of time

I know, right? Balancing a full course load, an internship, and writing my thesis doesn't exactly leave much time.

It's it's not easy when there's no time for it

@TaraZamliki:Do we have to train 45 mins-1h a day or in total (per week)?

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