7 Really Important Health and Fitness Reasons You Should Eat Breakfast ...


There are endless studies that discuss the health reasons you should eat breakfast and for good reason - a healthy breakfast betters your health. So does the old adage mom always said hold true? Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Studies show that it truly is, so are you eating your breakfast? Here are the reasons you should eat breakfast every day and make this a priority:

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Break the Fast

One of the most important reasons to eat breakfast is to break the all night fast of not eating and boost your metabolism. To have an active metabolism, breakfast is essential. This will set the stage for the rest of the day. Studies show people that skip breakfast eat more throughout the day. Breaking the fast is one of the top reasons you should eat breakfast. This will help regulate your insulin level as well.


Lower Your Weight

Repeatedly, studies prove that people that eat breakfast actually weigh less. But they are not choosing a sugary donut or sugar laden cereal. They are choosing lean protein like egg whites, scrambled egg whites or even oatmeal. This helps set the tone for the day in making healthy choices.


Have More Energy

Set the stage for a great mood by eating your breakfast each day. Studies show you will have more energy and be in a better mood if you eat your breakfast. This state is elevated even longer if you make a healthy choice like egg whites as your choice of breakfast.


Think More Effectively

Studies show that people that eat breakfast think clearer, are more alert and are more effective. This is the reason breakfast is provided free of charge to children in numerous low income schools. It is just that important to eat your breakfast. So did you have your breakfast today? If not, get cooking so you can think clearer and have more brain power.


Better Health

If you eat breakfast, studies show you can lower your risk of diabetes because you are regulating your insulin level and also lowering your risk of obesity. Make your health a priority and make sure you eat a healthy breakfast each day!


Eat Healthier Throughout the Day

Eating protein for breakfast is best because this will keep you full for longer and help set the stage for a healthier day. Two hours later you will find yourself grabbing an apple for a snack and making the healthier choice rather than grabbing a sugar laden cereal bar. Set the stage on a positive note and make sure you make a healthy breakfast your priority every day!


Fuel Your Workout

Depending on your workout level and the time of your workout, you may find eating before you exercise to be helpful. I usually only eat breakfast before high intensity extended workouts like distance runs or long interval training. Try with and without breakfast before your workout and see what helps you perform along with feel better. I have run many great marathon times that I attribute all to eating a healthy pre marathon breakfast.

Now that you know the importance of eating breakfast, make sure you start your day the right way with your breakfast. Breakfast is just that important. What do you eat for breakfast each day?

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When I was younger, I used to skip breakfast always. I was always in such a hurry to fix my hair and put my face on! Now that I'm older, I CAN'T skip. I just feel horrid if I don't eat soon after waking. I get shaky and sweaty and dizzy. No amount of makeup can hide that kind of misery!

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