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Why should you be concerned about the questions to ask a potential yoga instructor? Why can you not simply sign up to any class advertized? The yoga industry is unregulated and yes, you can simply learn it from books or videos on YouTube but like anything, if you are going to pay money for something, you should ensure you know what you are paying for. You wouldn’t go to a doctor or dentist without checking out their credentials, so why shouldn’t it be the same for your yoga teacher? Before you sign up, make a note of these questions to ask a potential yoga instructor.

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What is Their Approach to Yoga?

Perhaps the most important of all these questions to ask a potential yoga instructor is what their approach will be. Will the course be intensive? How often are you committed to taking a class? Are they suitable for your experience level? Ask the instructor, or call the gym/community center and ask these questions. You don’t want to turn up on the day of your class and find that you are in a class of beginners when you have been practicing yoga for years.


Check the Website

A good step to take before signing any contracts is to visit the website of the yoga instructor or the studio. Look at the pictures and read about what sort of things you will be doing. Don’t believe the reviews posted on the website, especially if they are all positive, but do get as much information about the sessions as possible before committing.


Are They Qualified?

You might not think that qualifications are important, but if you really want to vet a yoga instructor, make sure that they have accreditation with the Yoga Alliance. You should note, however, that having accreditation does not mean that they are going to be a good instructor, and so you should look out for testimonials or ask your friends for any instructors they can personally vouch for.


Can They Suit Your Special Needs?

We are all different, and a good yoga instructor will be able to tailor their session to include any physical challenges you may have. If they refuse or are unable, find another instructor.


Speak to the Owner of the Studio

If your request to speak to the owner is refused, it is a sign that the studio is likely to be part of a corporate entity which doesn’t care a great deal about your satisfaction. Although this isn’t necessarily one of the questions to ask a potential yoga instructor, it’s important to know what sort of business you are signing up with.


Do a Trial Run

If you really want to vet a potential yoga instructor, ask to have a trial session. You might be offered an amazing deal on a six month program, but make sure that you first of all try the sessions out. The special offers are likely to be around after your trial, so it’s better to get a taste of what that particular instructor is like before you commit to anything long-term. As previously noted, every session and instructor is different, so checking them out is very important.


Visit the Studio

It might sound cheesy, but a simple way to find out whether you are right for a yoga instructor or course is to listen to your gut. Visit the place that the sessions will be held, and see how you feel. How do others around you look? Would you be comfortable in the location? Are the people attending the session similar in body type and experience to you? You can look at websites and read reviews all day long, but I’m a traditionalist who believes that you have to scout out a place to get a real feel for what it’s like.

Of course, many people sign up without asking these questions of a potential yoga instructor and are very happy with their experience. But if you’re dissatisfied, thinking of changing or a newbie, I hope they will help you. Did you sign up without much aforethought? Are there any questions you think I’ve missed or you wish you had asked?

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