9 Precautionary Tips for Weightlifting during Pregnancy ...


Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your fitness routine if it’s important to you, but weightlifting during pregnancy does come with risks. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy lifting weights if it’s something you need to do though. It just means you’ll need to take some precautionary tips. Exercising during pregnancy actually has many benefits for you and the baby, so long as you do it smart, that is. Keep in mind these tips for weightlifting during pregnancy, and also enjoy regular walking, and slow yoga poses to help with movement and easy relaxation.

1. Stick with Machines

One simple tip for weightlifting during pregnancy is to stick with machines for the most part. Machines have stable support that you can sit on, stand on, or use for support if you need to. Also, women’s joints naturally become looser during pregancy, which can make it easy to move outside your natural free range. Weight machines help to combat that by being made to align with your body as you use them. Just stay away from machines that require you to lean up against a pad or part of the machine with your belly. Examples include the row machine, or certain abdominal machines. As long as your belly is clear from touching or pressing against anything, it should be okay.

Start Low
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