7 Postpartum Exercise Tips to Get the Best Body Possible ...


When I had my first child, I had searched for postpartum exercise tips to back in shape. But now I think I would focus on how to get in the best shape possible. As a mom you will be busy with your child, you will need plenty of energy to keep up and it is great to look so good people cannot even believe you are a mom. You may get tired occasionally but no one will know because you will look great and your fitness will provide you with more energy. Here are the postpartum exercise tips to help you to get your best body yet:

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Listen to Your Doctor

Most women do not resume exercise until they visit their physician six weeks after their baby and for good reason; your body is not healed. After you visit your physician then you can begin exercising to get in shape with my postpartum exercise tips.


Start out Walking

Now that you are cleared to begin your workouts, I recommend starting out with walking. Walking is an effective cardio exercise that can help you shed your pregnancy pounds and this will also be great for your mental health, as this is a time to just think. Begin walking for 30 minutes and gradually increase your walking time.


Begin to Run or Even Bike

As you get stronger and your pelvic floor strengthens (you will feel this - if it hurts when you cough, go easy), you can begin to run or even bike to burn more calories. I recommend beginning with just 20 minutes and increasing day by day. This is a great way to amplify your workout and help you shed any excess pregnancy weight.


Invest in a Good Workout Stroller

I do not know what I would have done without my workout stroller. It helped me through many miles and it was a great way to get a workout in without leaving my baby. There are various brands so I recommend reading the reviews and choosing the stroller based on the terrain you will be exercising on. This is a great way to shed your pregnancy weight and feel great!


Consider Signing up for Baby Fit Classes

There is a multitude of fitness classes for you and your baby to enjoy together. I have never done any of these workout programs but I understand why moms enjoy them. This is great for a working mom that does not want to leave her child but still wants to squeeze a workout in.


Focus on Core Exercises

As you regain strength in your abdominal muscles, it can feel like a long haul but be patient, with time you will get there. Begin strengthening with exercises like the plank, which will work your total core. And make sure you tighten your abs and hold to engage the muscles and see improved results.


Focus on Your Health 100%

Make sure you eat healthy, dedicate yourself to exercise 4- 6 days a week (even if it just by doing a 30 minute walk pushing the stroller, and get focused on losing your pregnancy weight. You can be in your best shape postpartum, if you dedicate the time and energy into being so.

Now that baby is born and you will be busy with your new life, wouldn’t it be an added bonus to be in your best shape? Then work hard and stay focused so that you can achieve amazing fitness and health results. Are you ready to have your best body postpartum?

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