7 Positive βœ… Thoughts πŸ’­ That Will Fuel ⛽️ Your Workout πŸ‹πŸΌ‍ for Girls Who Can't Keep Their Mind Still πŸ€” ...

As you push yourself to get out for your workout you may have floods of ups and downs and sometimes have to channel your inner strength. If you have a negative mentality you will not work as hard or may even cut your workout short, which will only cheat yourself of achieving your goals. But if you keep your head up and stay positive you will push through and finish your workout sweaty and satisfied. Positivity will help you to produce positive results. So work to achieve greatness. And you can begin by following these positive thoughts that I often have as I am running 26.2 miles, teaching a Bootcamp or just pushing in an everyday workout!

1. You Made It out

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Sometimes the hardest thing is to get out, get your workout clothes and out the door. So if you made it out to the gym or on a run, you already completed the toughest step. Now keep going!

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