9 Playtime Activities That Can Also Be Exercise ...


9 Playtime Activities That Can Also Be Exercise ...
9 Playtime Activities That Can Also Be Exercise ...

Some people say that kids naturally keep you fit with all the running around you have to do, but there are some playtime activities that can also be exercise if you don’t feel your kids give you a hard enough workout. Moms are busy people and are pulled in all sorts of directions, so finding time for yourself is a struggle. Finding time to fit in a workout is a challenge but the next time you find yourself wishing for some cardio or fat burning time, get out, get down with the kids and enjoy some playtime activities that can also be exercise. You’ll all feel better for it.

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In my experience of playing chase, it seems that the children never want to be ‘IT.’ This means that it is more than likely that you will be doing most of the chasing, however it does make it a great choice of playtime activities that can also be exercise! No need to worry about not getting to the gym or finding time to hit the roads for a run after a good old game of chase with the kids; you would have done more than enough.


Bike Rides

When I was younger my dad used to take us on bike rides and it was always our favourite activity, except that time we got lost for 2 hours in the days before mobile phones! Strap on your helmets, pump up the tyres and get peddling up hills, down hills, across country, and by the river. Make sure you take a healthy picnic and plenty of drinks because cycling can be thirsty work.



Another of the playtime activities that can also be exercise, and another one that has the added bonus of being free. Grab a piece of chalk and sketch out the squares with your kids. You can then line up (the adults too) and really get jumping around and burning off calories. Make sure you play long enough to make it worth it. You might end up playing by yourself if your kids get bored and head back to the games console!



Trampolines are excellent calorie burners and also great fun for both you and the kids. Teach them how to star jump, or fall on their bum and bounce back. If you spend a bit of time on it you will feel the effects the next day, proving that it is a great way to work out with the kids.


Hula Hooping

You may have noticed that they had a hula hoop game on the Wii Fit because it is proven to be such good exercise! Once you have got the hang of it you will soon feel it working your abs and inner core. Make up routines with your kids and put on a show. Prove to everyone that it’s worth getting involved with playtime activities that can also be exercise when you show off your toned stomach.


Skipping Rope

Get a couple of skipping ropes for you and the kids, put on some music and skip away. You can even pair up and try to jump together. Just one hour of skipping rope jumping can burn as many as 500 calories!


Dance around the Front Room

Have you got a kids party CD or one with all of their favourite songs on? Why not press play and have a mini party in the front room? It doesn’t matter what the weather is like for this activity and it is a great indoor exercise. Everyone can dance and when your partners and audience are the kids, it doesn’t matter if you have the co-ordination of a 3 legged elephant. Just dance and have fun.


Ball Games

Chose a game that doesn’t really require a great deal of skill. How about just a good old kick about? You could even make the rules up as you go, or just simply chase the ball around the park. Running around with a ball can be great fun and is one of the time-honored ways for adults and kids to exercise together. Why not see if other kids and their parents want to join in too? You could do grownups vs kids if you’re feeling fit enough!



Did you know that splashing about in the pool with your kids can bank you 300 calories an hour? Why not try having races with each other, or toss them in the air for a shoulder workout? You’ll also have much more fun than sitting there watching them power bomb into the pool or go down the slide a million times in an hour.

If you really don’t enjoy working out, playtime activities that can also be exercise are a great way to go. You don’t need much motivation to spend time with your kids and it’s even better if you’re all healthier for it. Do you use your kids as pseudo-gym buddies? What’s your favorite way to exercise with the kids?

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