7 Places Your Muscles Hurt after Working out and Why ...

It can be very demotivating to the longevity of your workout routines if you find the places your muscles hurt are consistently the same and also persistent. It would be so easy to give up because it is too hard, or to downgrade your routine so your exercises are easier – neither of which will do your fitness or health any good. The better option is to understand the places your muscles hurt and why. This will help you evaluate the exercises you are doing and change them where necessary – it could be anything from not moving in the most efficient way so your ergonomics are off kilter to working certain parts of your body too strenuously.

1. Calf Muscles

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There are quite a few reports showing that women who wear stilettos have their calf muscles adjust to the way they walk. People who wear them every day may even find walking long distances in flats a struggle because of their calf muscles hurting. The calf muscle down the back of your leg is going to be one of the places your muscles hurt if you start doing walking, running or stepping exercises because they are used in a way contrary to what they are used to when walking in stilettos. If they do hurt after exercise then it is actually a good thing as it means you are using the muscles in ways they are not normally, which means that posture problems caused by stilettos will not affect you.

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