7 Fitness Gear Pieces for Girls Who Want to Control Sweating ...


7 Fitness Gear Pieces for Girls Who Want to Control Sweating ...
7 Fitness Gear Pieces for Girls Who Want to Control Sweating ...

Hey hot stuff, cool down with these seven pieces of fitness gear that can actually help to control your sweat. Certain materials, clothes and specific gear can actually help you stay cool and rev your runs. And if you are running in extreme heat, this gear will certainly help to keep you running quick and feeling great! Personally, I find less is more in high heat runs, but this is not always the case if you are donning pure cotton, so invest in cooling materials and stay cool in high heat. Check out this gear to help you control your sweat!

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Sports Bra with Mesh Back

clothing, physical fitness, underpants, muscle, active undergarment, If you wear a sports bra with a mesh back you will stay cool and the material will breathe more. If you run in a cotton sports bra then by the end of the workout, it will be much heavier as it holds sweat. Wicking and breathable materials will solve this problem and keep you both cool and dry! Try it for yourself and feel the difference!


Wick Free Shorts

person, human action, physical fitness, arm, thigh, Running shorts are often wick free and loose or you can wear tight, cooling shorts. I prefer the tighter ones because studies actually prove that in fitted gear, you move quicker. I have to say this is so true in my experience, what about you?


Hat with Mesh Panels

clothing, person, hairstyle, beauty, model, When the heat is high but you still want to wear your hat, what should you do? Invest in a hat with mesh panels so you finish your workout with your face protected from the sun and your head dry, rather than drenched in sweat from a non-breathable hat.


Breathable Socks

clothing, person, profession, thigh, costume, If you love cotton but have ever done an extreme workout in this material, you know the feeling of sweaty, soggy socks! All I can say, or write, is yuck! Not only is this a gross feeling but this promotes blisters. So invest in breathable socks so you sweat more and your piggies will even smell better.


Sun Visor

clothing, athlete, swimwear, beauty, vacation, If you want to protect your face from the sun while keeping super cool, invest in a sun visor. Sun visors are helpful because, as opposed to a hat covering your head, the heat can escape through the top, keeping you even cooler! Now that is super cool!


Arm Coolers

clothing, turquoise, thigh, lady, photo shoot, You think of arm coverings as only for the cold weather but think again! Pearl Izumi actually has sun sleeves that have a chemical finish called cold black. This material reflects the sun’s rays to reduce the heat build-up you would normally feel when donning a dark color. Now that is genius!


The Right Deodorant

clothing, person, image, photography, model, Find the right deodorant to help you to sweat less and smell better. There are several natural deodorants that are great but find out what works for you. It is perfectly healthy to sweat, but you should not have to worry about odor. So sweat, have a blast and never worry about smelling like you forgot to bathe!

Okay, so now you have several great gear ideas to stay cool and feel your best in the heat. Get out for a great workout and live the healthy, happy life that you deserve!

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There are some deodorant out there that I meant for sports. I would start with those if those don't work moved to clinical, or I find men's deodorant for sports really work!

whats a good deodorant?

It's a nice article.. But do put some pictures on every statement, it'll be more nicer 😊

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