One Machine = One Perfect Body: 7 Awesome Elliptical Workouts You Must See ...

The elliptical machine is one of the top rated pieces of workout equipment and for good reason - it works without excess wear on the body. For those of you that are unable to run, you may find peace of mind knowing an elliptical workout will have a lot less stress on the body and you will still feel the burn. You can achieve your perfect body by doing great elliptical workouts like these:

1. Try This 32 Minute Interval Training Elliptical Workout

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Work out hard, go all out, give it all you got for a short time period, then rest and repeat. This is a high-intensity interval training that will help boost your metabolism and jumpstart your weight loss. This training also breaks up the monotony of your workouts. So keep going and make the decision about who you want to be today!

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