7 of the Wackiest Exercise Machines on the Market ...

Over the years, I have made many attempts to stick to a regular workout routine by joining countless gyms, purchasing exercise machines for my home and participating in group exercise classes. However, no matter how hard I tried to get into the habit of working out, I could never stick to a workout schedule because I wasn’t enjoying the exercise. Well, one day, while I was playing around online, I stumbled upon a wacky piece of exercise equipment that caught my eye. This discovery prompted me to look for other wacky exercise machines, and after a little bit of digging, I came up with some real doozies. Is it possible that these wacky pieces of equipment could change my whole attitude about exercise?

1. Hula Chair

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The first unusual piece of equipment I found online was the Hula Chair. After you sit down in the seat and turn it on, the seat spins around to simulate hula dancing. This may not be one of the most strenuous exercise machines on the market, but for someone who doesn’t break a sweat very often, it can really increase the heart rate. I became obsessed with this wacky machine and actually purchase one, after finding a great deal on Craigslist. Since buying it a couple months ago, I continue to use it almost daily and still have so much fun with it.

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