7 of the Fittest Women in the World and How They Achieved This Status ...

Do you ever wonder how the fittest women in the world achieve their superfit status? And with the rigors of daily life, how do they keep this awesome level of paramount fitness up? Between healthy nutrition, a strenuous workout schedule and a few other tricks of the trade; these superfit women manage to somehow get it all done. So are you ready to challenge yourself to better your health and fitness? Then take note of the fittest women in the world and how they do it, so you can be better too!

1. Dara Torres

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As a former Olympic swimmer, 12 time medalist and busy mother, Dara is one of the fittest women in the world. And along with these achievements, she is the first and only US swimmer to complete in five Olympic games. If that is not impressive enough she was at age 41, the oldest woman to make the Olympic swimming team. She still continues to train daily and stresses that rest is an integral part of balanced training. Even with all the medals she has, she is humble and thankful for what she has achieved. Now that is inspirational!

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