7 New Year New You Workouts ...

Want to try some great New Year workouts so that you can get in your best shape this year? Well, start out with day one and follow these workouts through the week. If you feel stronger, add some cardio with running or walking, and revamp your eating by making healthier choices. It is time for you to work to your best health! Are you ready for some great New Year workouts?

1. Quickie Tone

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If you have not exercised in quite some time, this is one of the best new year workouts to gradually bring you back into the fitness zone. The best part is that it takes just 5 minutes of your day to complete. Do as many reps as you can for a 5 minute span, all you need is a pair of weights and lots of energy. This is a great workout you can easily squeeze into your day. Enjoy this workout because it is definitely one of the best New Year workouts that you can do!

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